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Cover Letter Writing Service

Cover Letters are there as an introduction to your CV and is a valuable asset to encourage employers to open and read your CV. So why wouldn't you need one?

We also offer a Resignation Letter writing service. It can be a very awkward one to write yourself, but rest assured, we can help.

Cover Letter Writing

They may seem like a simple invitation to the employer, but its an important document that shouldn't be neglected as a result.

Cover Letters are there to encourage an employer to read your CV and is therefore a vital marketing tool for yourself. 

If 100 candidates apply for one job, why should the employer read your CV in more depth over anyone else's? This is where we come in, to write a professional introduction to you and your experience.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Resignation Letter Writing

Saying goodbye is never easy and even in the easiest of resignations, you still want to ensure you leave gracefully before you rush out of the door to celebrate.

Writing a formal resignation letter can put you in good stead for a glowing reference for your next role and even future positions.


Our resignation letter writing service will ensure you give your employer a respectful letter of resignation and could also encourage them to counter offer as an additional benefit. 

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What Our Clients Say

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Mr Paul C

"Great value and quality service. I'm noticing that people support me easier than before when I shared my own work, it's having wonderful effects. Highly recommend, excellent time saver. Thanks for your help team."

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