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We don't just do Professional CV writing....

Got a question? Have a look to see if someone else has asked it first...

Do you want a better salary?
More responsibility?
Something closer to home?
Your dream job?
Then you need a CV that stands out!
Q: How do I use your professional CV writing service?
A: Simply get in touch via our contact page and email us your old CV or details, along with the type of role you are looking to achieve in your next job. We will then send you an invoice which we require payment of prior to the service being completed.
Q: Do you require payment before?
A: Yes we do. This is simply because in the past, we have completed CVs and not received payment after. Think of it like paying for your takeaway on Just Eat before it arrives or paying for your items upfront on eBay. If you have a discount code, you must let us know before the invoice is sent out.
Q: What happens with the Interview Preparation?
A: Our gold package includes everything and simply put, you get as much advice and guidance as you need until you find your next role. This isn't just a one-off phone call. If you used a recruitment agency, they would help you get the role with the commission in mind. We have no commission – we simply want to help you get the job without the pressure!
Q: Why don't I just use a recruitment agency?
A: Recruitment agencies are great at getting your foot in the door for certain roles. However, if you don't look good on paper, they simply won't call or use you. How many times have you had an agency call you and put your CV forward but you didn't hear back? Ever been to an interview and your CV had been changed to fit that job but you weren't told? You may be better off going direct to the employer with a better CV!
Q: How come you're so cheap?
A: We get asked this a lot as our competitors charge a considerable amount more. We like to put our customers first and some are currently out of work. Therefore it's not about making as much money as possible out of our clients - it's about helping our clients get that dream job with a new professional CV!
Q: What if I need to make amends to the CV that has been sent to me?
A: We always offer a first draft withing our professional CV writing service so that you can change or add anything – after all, it is your CV.  If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you must contact us stating so within 3 days of receiving your first draft and explain why. We will then fully investigate this issue and work with you to put it right. We can only offer refunds if we have exhausted every option and feel it's necessary, but we can honestly state that this has never had to happen before. If you require amends a number of months down the line, simply send them over and for a small charge we can amend or add these for you.
Q: How do you manage my data?
A: Under the new GDPR regulations, we never have or ever will sell your data or pass it on to third parties such as recruitment agents. Your data is stored securely and your CV is held for a maximum period of 12 months encase you need another copy sending. We do collect data from cookies on the website which is monitored by Google Analytics or social media to get a better understanding of our clients' desires in order to deliver a better service. If you have any further questions, please contact us.
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