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Advice and support for freelancers & self employed professionals

As we help support many interim, contractors and freelance professionals build on their CVs and LinkedIn profiles to help generate new business opportunities, we have recently partnered with Brookson One.


They're a group of accountancy specialists who provide a cradle grave solution for freelancers and self employed workers dealing with every facet of their self employed journey. They also offer free advice guides to really help guide you on the way to success in your career path.

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"Brookson is proud to partner with Send Me Your CV. At Brookson, we offer a truly unique service that combines specialist contractor accountancy, payroll, legal and financial services all under one roof, giving you access to all of your financial information in one place and receiving timely proactive tax advice from our expert advisors. 


Don’t pay for multiple providers and get disjointed advice, you need a provider that understands your unique circumstances and gives you access to all of the advice and support in one place. Brookson will offer you a seamless way to manage your business and personal life, maximising tax efficiencies and helping you get the most from the career you love."


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What Our Clients Say

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Mr Paul C

"Great value and quality service. I'm noticing that people support me easier than before when I shared my own work, it's having wonderful effects. Highly recommend, excellent time saver. Thanks for your help team."

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