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Most common work related  New Year Resolutions

Professional CV writing

Whether you believe in them or not, we all like to be successful and happy in our job, and let’s be honest, we spend most of our week there so why shouldn’t we be?!

That’s why everyone has an aim or goals that they set or look to achieve later in the New Year. Here are some of the most common resolutions people set for the New Year:

1. Get a new job

2. Get a pay rise

3. Have a better work-life balance

4. Set a clear career path

5. Get a promotion

6. Complete a course

Which one are you leaning towards more? Maybe you have a few of these on your list? If you have set one or more of these then you should make sure your CV is up to scratch! If you need help then speak to us about how to get a professional CV.


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