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Why you should STOP using FREE CV templates

Free is always an eye-catching word and with today's nation of uncertainty, we're all holding our pennies a bit closer to our chest, or pockets. We can't blame you for looking for free advice... food always tastes better when its free right? So why shouldn't you use a free CV writing service?

1. You're not the only one using it...

If you think you can find a free CV template to help get your CV done a lot quicker and easier, then it is very easy for everyone else to find it too. Although your details may be different, why would you want your CV to look the same as others?

Did you know that many employers think that most CV's look the same? How do you think that will help improve your chances in being selected for interview... answer... it won't.

2. Its free for a reason

Free templates tend to be plain, black and white and very uninspiring. It is also not tailored to your career or personal requirements and therefore aren't very practical. In fact, you will find yourself spending more time than necessary tweaking the original template to suit you.

If you look closely, the content is all the same and it is just a case of choosing from multiple versions of the same template.

3. They don't actually help you write your CV

So, you have picked your template and you're on your way to writing it, but you still have many questions... Yet you can't seem to contact someone for advice until you have utilised their service in full. This can be frustrating as all you're trying to do is stand out.

Did you know that there are at least 100 people on average applying for any one job advert? Is your CV going to stand out over the other candidates?

4. It's a lengthy process with false promises

Free templates are there to guide you in writing your new CV. You will spend hours perfecting it and yet when you finally put it out there, a lot of people apply for many jobs with little response. Each job application is unique and the employers are looking for someone specific. This is why it is important to stand out in more ways than just your CV's presentation. By this we mean using plenty of keywords and not filling your CV with personal interests that have no relevance to your job or professional experience.

We're not saying it hasn't worked using these free services, but we do see the statistics that over 80% of our customers ask for our help having previously used a free template and aren't getting any response from their job applications.

If you are one of these people, then we would love to see how we can help you with our professional CV writing, like we have helped many others before. Contact us to find out how and visit our Facebook page and TrustPilot page to see the reviews and results of past clients.

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