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4 Reasons Why Your CV Needs an Expert Makeover?

Is your CV in need of professional help? Send Me Your CV can help your CV stand out.

As we quickly approach 2020, it will be a good idea to go through your CV to see if it needs some boosting to make a great first impression. Chances are that it needs updating. CVs continually need to be reviewed to see if they are giving the best picture of our skills and experience.

You only get one shot, so why waste a chance of getting called in for an interview? Here are four reasons why your CV needs an expert makeover. Our Send Me Your CV team will be happy to help.

1. You’re out of sync with the job-hunting process

It happens. You might be happy in a job but when it is time to move on, you’re not sure what you should do with your CV.

What the main bulk of information your CV should contain hasn't changed much over the last decade. However, other practises have. For instance, your full address is no longer required nor your date of birth, under the Equality Act 2010. Luckily, CV writing services know what the formatting style and trends are, to put your mind at ease.

2. You’re unsure how to showcase your skills

Handpicking the relevant skills extracted from your experience will demonstrate how credible you are to potential employers. Listing all of your employment history and every skill you drew from each experience won't cut it unfortunately. Your CV needs to be tailored according to the position you are applying for. A professional CV writer can help you do this.

3. You have gaps in your employment history

For whatever reason you have gaps in your employment history, whether it be because you were on a career break, dismissed or made redundant, you can get some help. A professional CV writer will have the ability to mould your marketing document so that it displays your choices and decisions in the best manner possible.

4. Keywords are the rage but what if you don't know how to use them?

If you don't have the precise keywords employers are looking for in your CV, you can pretty much forget your chance of getting called in for an interview. This sounds brutal but because employers are utilising applicant tracking systems (ATSs) to scan through CVs, it’s true. No matter how perfect your CV is, if it doesn’t include those all-important words and phrases, your CV will be placed in the reject pile. A professional CV writer can help you incorporate those precise words to make your CV shine.

Send Me Your CV has a team of expert writers who know exactly what employers are looking for, no matter what field you are in. Our team is always available to help, and with our competitive prices, you will be receiving an awesome CV at a low cost. Contact our team today.

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