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5 Signs You’re in the Wrong Job

Are you in a job that you hate and is causing you nothing but misery?

Everyone hopes to make the right career choice, but there are some occasions when it just doesn’t work out. That doesn’t mean you’re a failure – sometimes it’s simply not right for you and that’s okay. If you’re feeling sick to your stomach at the very idea of going into work, it may be time that you spoke up to your boss or made the decision to look for something more suitable. Here are 5 signs that you’re in the wrong job: 1. It felt wrong from the start Before starting any new job, you’re bound to feel a little uneasy about your role, but this should start to wear off once you get familiar with your tasks. If after a few weeks, you’re still not enjoying your role due to the nature of the work, a heavy workload or a difficult boss, it may be the case that you have to hold your hands up and admit you’re not in the right workplace. 2. You’re bored to tears If you’re sitting at your desk and watching the clock go round, it’s likely you’re not being challenged and therefore, may cause you to be extremely unproductive. Being bored at work can deprive you of your innovative ideas and motivation to perform to the best of your ability, which may prevent you from progressing in your career. You need to be in a job that plays to your interests and you’re looking forward to each day. 3. You’ve outgrown your role It may be the case that you’ve been in your job too long and there’s little room for progression (whether that be a promotion or working on new projects). If you’re stuck in a rut and not getting the chance to try something new, you may need to speak up and ask if you can take on new responsibilities, or what the best approach would be to receive a promotion.

4. You’re constantly under-performing If you’re feeling constantly on-edge and stressed because you can’t keep up with the workload or don’t believe you’re picking it up as quickly as you had hoped, it may be down to the fact that you’re inexperienced or under qualified for your role. Think about why you may be underachieving and chat with your boss about your concerns. If they aren’t willing to put in the necessary steps to support you, it’s clear that they don’t value you as an employee and it may be in your best interests to move on. 5. You don’t feel welcomed Workplace friendships are some of the most important social connections you make in life, so it can be disappointing when you don’t have those relationships. Toxic colleagues can make you dread going into work and if they’re taking it to the next level by making a point to throw negative comments your way, you have every right to speak to those in authority. No-one should have to put up with workplace bullying. If you’re experiencing any of the above, there’s a high possibility you’re in the wrong job – don’t be afraid to hand your notice in after giving it some thought. We offer advice on writing a resignation letter and also include this as a service should you really be struggling on how to start one.

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