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6 Essential Tips to Impress the Interviewer

Asked to Attend a video Interview? Here are 6 Essential Tips to Impress the Interviewer

You’ve impressed a potential employer by your CV and now you’ve been asked to attend an interview, but how can you boost your chances of securing the dream job? If you have never attended an interview before, it can be difficult to know what to expect or how to prepare, however, the tips below will give you some useful advice on how to give you a stronger chance of standing out: Do your research Before attending an interview, it’s essential to carry out background research on the company. Browse through their website and find out the key points of the company’s history, the services they provide and how you would fit into the culture. Dress appropriately Although a lot of companies now opt for a ‘casual’ dress code, this doesn’t give you the go-ahead to dress as they do when you attend an interview. Stick to formalwear and make sure you’re well-groomed to make a positive first impression. If you need some guidance on what to wear, you could always call the company beforehand to double-check the dress code. Watch your body language Body language is everything when it comes to the interview – it says a lot about your character and interest in the position. Employers are aware of what to look out for when it comes to body language, so you may wish to make a note of the key points below:

· Lean forward or sit up straight rather than slouching back, to show you have an interest in what the employer is saying

· Make eye contact, but don’t stare or it could come across aggressive

· Have a firm handshake

Prepare for standard questions

Interviewers are bound to ask you several basic questions such as ‘tell me about a time when’ followed by a scenario. Employers are looking for experience and problem-solving skills, as well as proof that you can handle pressure. Research a few possible questions that could be asked and come up with well-thought-out answers of when you have demonstrated a certain skill. Don’t badmouth your former employer

You may be asked why you left your previous job role, however, even if your former boss was the main issue, you should never badmouth them. Don’t lie about the situation if it is a genuine reason, but don’t be too negative. Give a clear reason why you’re deciding to leave and how this new job will be better suited.

Ask questions

At the end of the interview, you’ll be asked if you have any questions. Most candidates reply ‘no’ – but this is the wrong answer. You should come prepared with questions to ask so it shows you have an interest in the company, however, the best ones are those which are thought up on the spot from topics that have been spoken about during the interview and you wish to know more about.

We hope the above tips have come in useful for your upcoming interview – remember, keep calm, be confident and prove your capabilities!

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