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7 Things Recruitment Agencies Won't Tell You

Recruitment agencies help many jobseekers find their dream job. They have great links and relationships with employers and actively seek suitable candidates for job roles. They know the ins and outs of the job market as well as having the ability to influence regular clients, so there is no doubt that they’re great to approach if you're on the job hunt. Their job is to fill job roles at the end of the day!

However, there are a few things they may never tell you about the process you undertake with them.

Here are 7 things recruitment agencies won't tell you about, but you should really know:

They change your contact details

Recruiters tend to change your contact details to their own so that when your CV is sent over to a potential employer, the employer is limited to only contacting them should they be interested in you. This means that the employer cannot skip any fees due in the recruitment process and is tied to only communicating with the recruitment agency, especially during the initial stages of the process.

The agency may even tweak your CV so that you fit the candidate criteria better! On the outset, this sounds pretty good but it isn't if you aren't aware of the changes and are caught out in an interview!

It is perfectly fine to ask your recruiter for a copy of your CV send to the employer if you're called for an interview.

Your scope for positions may be limited

Unless you clearly state the range of roles you want to be put forward for, recruitment agencies usually just stick to the one type of role that you either applied directly to them for or that they approached you for. This is because they search for candidates on a role by role basis, so if you’re not actively looking for work on job search websites such as, then you may not be seen in their searches.

Understandably. However, if you are looking for a wider range of roles, inform them so that it is clear what you are after and don’t forget to chase them on job roles to show you are keen.

Short and sweet

Although having a recruitment agency on board to help you look for a job is great, it tends to be short and sweet. They’re not there as a drop in advice agency but they will give you advice if they have put you forward for a role with them to ensure you get the best possible result for you and for them.

A covert interview; be ready

Recruiters will want to know more about your skills and experience so they will go ahead and arrange a meeting to discuss this. Whether this is in person or over the phone, be interview ready. Even though it may seem as though you're going to have an informal chat about which role(s) you're after, the recruiter will actually be assessing your interview skills too. Be ready!

Have a couple of questions lined up about the role you want so that you're able to gain more insight. This is a positive thing to the consultant as they want to see that you show initiative and passion.

Don't overdo it though as you don’t want to make it seem as though you are interviewing them…. Keep it to a maximum of three questions.

The difference here is that you CAN ask about the salary expectations comfortably, unlike in the actual interview….

Access to your references

Recruiters may want to get in touch with your references before putting you forward for a job so that they can verify your references are positive. If you don't want them to do that, be sure to add this in when you have your initial chat with them.

They will however need to attain these if you’re going for a contract or temporary role, or in a position that requires these checks as a health and safety point of view.

Detox your social media accounts

In our past blogs, we've mentioned the importance of keeping your social media accounts free of anything that would jeopardise your credibility. It's important to bear this in mind when you're going through a recruitment agency too.

It's very likely that background checks will still be done so detox your pages! Any posts or pictures that show boozy nights out, for example, need to be binned forever!

Keep in touch

You will need to be prepared to do some chasing with recruiters, remembering that they are jam-packed with other jobseekers in their system. If you haven't heard back from an employer following an interview, contact your recruiter. They will give you feedback which will prove helpful.

However, it's good to know that if they're stalling the process, it could be that a last-minute candidate has been interviewed and they're waiting on the employer's decision.

The takeaway

Recruiters are great to use when you're looking for a vacancy. They certainly have access to a plethora of roles and employers that are otherwise not as accessible to candidates on the job hunt. They connect you to employers and try their best to match you with a role that suits you.

On the flip side, applying directly to employers has its benefits too. You can do this alongside having a recruitment agency on board but if you have been introduced t a company, as recruitment agency won’t do it again for the same role as the employer will go with you direct to avoid paying an agency fee. Therefore, going direct may improve your chances of landing the job of your dreams.

Good luck on your job hunt from the whole team at Send Me Your CV!

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