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A Guide to Remote Working for Beginners

COVID-19 has forced employees in all niches to adjust to working from home, however, it is a major lifestyle change for many individuals who have always been used to in-house office working. Over the last 12-month period, the majority of businesses have discovered the benefits of allowing their workforce to work from home and of course, the advantages for the employee as a bonus. If you have never worked remotely before, or you're struggling with the concept going forward, this blog will give you all the information you need to know:

Over-communication isn't always a bad thing

Within any job, communication is essential to ensure you complete tasks to the brief and that customers receive the service they expect. When it comes to remote working, this is, even more the case due to the lack of face-to-face contact. Since you’ll no longer be just a few seats away from your employees, it’s important to check in regularly so you’re able to stay on task and send updates of your progress so everyone is in the loop. Similarly, you should always make contact if you need help or advice – never feel embarrassed to ask for help as this new style of working may have a few teething errors to begin with.

Figure out your working style

As you may be used to office working, it can be difficult to know what other environments work best for you. Perhaps you’d prefer to work in total silence, or on the other hand, surrounded by background noise in a café? You may also like to consider whether you’re more motivated in the morning or evening – if you’re given the choice by your employer. Other aspects to consider are whether you work better having regular breaks throughout the day or a couple of hours at lunchtime. This is the beauty of remote work – most of the time, as long as you get your tasks done by the deadline, you have the freedom to figure out your working style.

Take time for self-care

It can be difficult to separate work from home life while remote working; so much so, that the boundaries can become blurred. You may find that you are spending much longer at your computer than if you were in the office, despite your working hours having already come to an end. Put yourself first and remember self-care throughout the working day. This may include undertaking a fitness regime, going for a walk amongst nature or checking in with loved ones.

Get dressed

It’s extremely easy to lounge around at home in your pyjamas when working from home, but this will do nothing for your mental health. Getting up, showered and dressed in smart clothes switches your brain from sleep mode to productive mode, meaning you’re less likely to procrastinate.

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