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Aim to Recession-Proof Your Career

In an age where the covid-19 pandemic is not only putting people’s lives at risk, it is also causing many employed people to become vulnerable within their job roles, as departments within companies are being slashed in half and entire corporations collapsing. It’s natural to feel concerned about the security of your job at this time, with millions of people being made redundant every single day. However, there are some simple ways you can reduce your chances of being laid off. This blog will give you some helpful hints to keep in mind:

Be nice

While it may seem like an obvious pointer, being personable and demonstrating common courtesy is a huge factor in who stays and who goes when redundancies are on the cards. By simply trying to get along with all of your colleagues and carrying out tasks without complaining will show the boss that you’re happy to get your head down and be productive to get your assigned tasks completed. Communicate when you’re struggling Aside from their job, people are now trying to juggle so many responsibilities during the pandemic, which is placing a great deal of pressure on their shoulders. This may include having to home-school children and look after elderly relatives. If this is the case, it would be wise to communicate with your manager about the situation and be completely honest that you’re struggling to cope. Being open shows you’re willing to come up with a better strategy to allow you to carry out your job without distractions. Stand out – for all the right reasons Making it your ambition to attract the attention of your manager (for all the right reasons) is a good way of dodging redundancy. If your boss gets the impression that you’re one of the most crucial employees in your department, you’ll be last on the list to be laid off. This means you’ll need to step up to the mark and demonstrate that you’re an employee the company can’t do without. This may include getting tasks completed on time, volunteering for extra tasks and proposing methods of cutting costs etc. Prepare for the worst

Despite your best efforts in trying to secure your job role, there’s not a lot that can be done if your company is closing its doors– regardless of how much your manager loves you. Therefore, you’ll need to get out on the job hunt again. With this in mind, there are steps that need to be taken to prepare you for a sudden redundancy so you’re ready to start applying for new positions:

If you haven’t yet updated your CV, it’s about time you started thinking about it. Make sure that it includes your recent employment, skillsets, accomplishments and of course, current contact information. Now would also be a good time to boost your networking game and find new job roles through referrals, rather than job advertisements where competition is tough. Get back in touch with contacts you believe may be useful within the job hunt.

Sadly in some cases redundancies are made through no fault of your own and is a difficult business decision that isn’t taken lightly. If this is the case, we’re here to help wherever we possibly can, so if you need advice on your CV or cover letter to boost your chances of getting hired, please feel free to get in touch with us today.

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