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Are You Being Taken Advantage of at Work?

If you’re not happy in your job and are going into work every day feeling stressed and on the brink of tears, it may be time for a career change. As we spend a great deal of our time in the workplace, it simply isn’t worth sacrificing your happiness for a job you hate. In most cases, having a negative feeling about your job tends to occur when you’re being taken advantage of by others. Regardless of whether you’ve worked at a company for some time or have just landed a new position, being too eager can put you in a vulnerable position of being taken advantage of. All employees should be treated equally and it can be difficult to speak out or make a change when you’re a small fish in a big pond, but you should value yourself to walk out if you feel belittled. In this guide, we have put together some useful tips on how to handle yourself in an unjust workplace and what to look out for:

People don’t ask first

When you’re bombarded with tasks rather than being asked what you can realistically manage, you can start to feel as though you’re on a sinking ship. Too much pressure and not enough time can make you feel stressed and potentially mean you have to work extra hours with no pay to keep on top of the workload.If you think you’re being taken advantage of, you have every right to speak to your boss or walk away.It’s also worth noting who is assigning you all of the work, as co-workers can sometimes be keen to delegate as much as they can onto others which indicates they may not be pulling their weight.

Not having the confidence to say no

Although it can be difficult when you’re aiming to prove your worth to a company, you have every right to say no if something they ask you to do isn’t in your contract. You may struggle to turn things down in fear you’ll become disliked or undervalued in comparison to colleagues, but ultimately, you should be thinking of yourself as a priority. Saying no doesn’t have to be negative - it may be the case that you come up with other strategies to keep everyone happy.

No praise

You may not need to be patted on the back for every single one of your achievements, but it’s nice to be acknowledged when you have met targets or worked hard. A simple gesture such as a quick ‘thank you’ will make you aware that you’re appreciated. If you never get recognised for going the extra mile and feel as though you’re simply being treated as one of a number, rather than an individual, you’ll never be happy. It’s not a healthy environment to be working in.

We hope this guide has given you something to think about if you believe you’re being taken advantage of at work, to help you come to the decision as to whether you need a career change.

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