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Basic Job Search Tips that People Forget

If you have been on the job hunt for some time, you can get into the mindset that you’re never going to get hired. However, there is so much advice online to browse through, that you may take hours researching the best tips to boost your chances but in doing so, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the reams of information you’re presented with. In this blog, we’re going to offer some basic tips that will help you streamline your strategy and enhance your chances of getting hired. Here are some of the most vital tips to be aware of below:

Don’t go into too much detail with your CV

While you may try and add as much information as you can to your CV, it won’t always do you justice to get through to the next stage of the process. When you apply for a job online through a standard application process, your CV will likely be scanned by a tracking system before being read by the employer. Therefore, you need to make your CV very simple for both the computer and your employer to spot that you’re an ideal candidate immediately. You can achieve this by using specific keywords, phrases from the job description and adding your skillset to the top of the document.

Don’t restrict yourself to online applications

While you may believe that the internet is the best place to find a job, failing to look elsewhere could lead you to miss some great opportunities. Browse your local papers, chat to individuals in your desired industry and email companies that you have an interest in working for, to discover whether they have any openings that are suitable for you. Another option would be to hire an internal recruiter to alert you of job openings in your field and can put you forward for an interview.

Remember to update your LinkedIn profile

While you may be concentrating solely on your CV, a large number of job opportunities could be presented to you through professional social media sites such as LinkedIn. However, if you haven’t used it for some time, it can be easy to forget to update your work experiences and skillset, meaning you could be overlooked for job roles. Don’t be afraid to keep revising your LinkedIn profile with keywords and swap around bullets to make the most important points stand out from the rest. If you are still employed, however, do remember to change your activity broadcasts within your privacy settings, or it may alert colleagues on LinkedIn that you’re adapting your profile – the only reason you would do this is if you were looking for new opportunities. Write a good cover letter

A cover letter is often required of candidates to support their application. As a CV should be concise to catch the attention of the employer, a cover letter is your chance to expand on your reasoning as to why you’re a suitable applicant. If you have no writing experience however, it would be advised to hire a professional to write a cover letter on your behalf. This should include your most valuable skills and experiences and why you believe you’re a good fit for the role.

If you’re struggling to find a job, we hope that the advice above will point you in the right direction for your search – good luck!

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