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Best jobs for 18 year olds: Companies to look out for

Now that you’ve finished up from school and those GCSE's, and maybe further studies, are over and under your belt, you may be thinking about what to do next.

Continue studying...travelling...pursuing hobbies and interests... Or getting a job of course!

However, it can be a little bit daunting where to start, and you might not be sure which direction to head in.

Well, luckily that’s where we come in to give you a helping hand. We have complied a list of the best jobs for all you new-to-the-world-of-work young adults out there.

Let's dive in...

Firstly, how much can 18 year olds earn?

Earning your own income is an excellent incentive to work, alongside building your skills and experience in the world of work.

With your trusty National Insurance number in tow, you’ll probably have heard of the National Minimum Wage. In the case of 18-20 year olds, you will earn £6.15 per hour. This info will come in handy when you do start your employment journey; you'll know how much to expect!

Questions you might ask yourself...

The next step is to find out what interests YOU. What is your personality? What are your dreams and aspirations? Which field do you see yourself in now and perhaps in the future? Lots to think about!

Best jobs out there...

Sometimes answering these questions isn’t so easy but let’s have a look at examples of what the best jobs are for 18 year olds.

Small Business Jobs:

  1. Dog Walker

  2. Babysitter

  3. Blogger

  4. Photographer

  5. Artist

Retail Jobs:

  1. Customer service assistant

  2. Store assistant

  3. Beauty advisor

Admin & Office Jobs:

  1. Administrative assistant

  2. Marketing assistant

  3. Payroll/accounts assistant

  4. Financial services administrator

Restaurant & Hospitality Jobs:

  1. Waiter/Waitress

  2. Chef

  3. Barista

Transportation & Logistics Jobs:

  1. Warehouse operative

  2. Delivery driver

Sports, Fitness & Recreational Jobs:

  1. Trainee gym instructor

  2. Lifeguard

  3. Health and fitness advisor

  4. Children's sport coach

Other Assistant Jobs:

  1. Teaching assistant

  2. Care assistant

  3. Animal care assistant

The possibilities are endless but you can be positive that there is a job out there that's perfect for you. The only thing you have to do is have a think as to which one will suit your personality, skills set and aspirations.

Companies to look out for

In addition, have a look out for these companies which have excellent opportunities for career building and training schemes for young employees. Below lists the top 10 employers of 2019 as voted by school leavers and apprentices:

  1. McDonald's

  2. PwC

  3. Virgin Media

  4. Goldman Sachs

  5. Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

  6. Dentons

  7. Bank of America Merrill Lynch

  8. Smith & Williamson

  9. National Grid

  10. EY

So, now that you are in the know, regularly check online vacancies with these companies and see what tickles your fancy!

Above all, go with your gut feeling and good luck, newbie jobseekers!

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