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Biggest Mistakes Current Job Seekers Make and What to Do Differently

The economy is suffering one of its worst economic crash in terms of job loss since the end of World War Two, so there’s no wonder that those who have been job seeking over the past 12 months are struggling more than ever before to secure a position. The competition for job roles has never been so high, therefore, it’s important to try and stand out from the crows and avoid some common mistakes which could be preventing you from getting to interview stage.

Here are just five common mistakes you may be making and what you can do differently next time around:

1. You have no search strategy

You may have always found that getting new jobs were easy before the pandemic hit, but there is now much more responsibility based around what is important to you versus compatibility for the role. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to walk into a job as easily as you once did, which means having a search strategy in place to achieve success. You may have a single priority that you wish to have from your new job, such as one of the following:

- Do you need to work flexible hours?

- Do you need an income increase?

- Are the opportunities for career progression?

Taking all of these aspects on board will ensure you find the perfect job role for you.

2. You aren’t aware of your transferable skills

It is particularly important to consider your transferable skills if you’re planning on making a career change. You may have limited yourself to a job title which doesn’t say much about what you have learnt within your role and what you can offer. Industries and titles have not only changed over the years, but many have vanished, so you shouldn’t define yourself by a job title that may be outdated. Nowadays, employers are more focused on the skills you can offer and those which would suit the job role you’re applying for. You should include these within your CV to catch the attention of the employer immediately.

3. You’re out of touch with the trends

Another mistake that job seekers make is focusing on the job they no longer have, rather than keeping up to date with the new trends in their industry. One of the main reasons for redundancy maybe for the fact that there is no longer a need for manual labour now that new technologies have been bought in, so you may need to think outside the box and research similar roles that may be suited to you.

4. You’re not widening your horizons

While out of work, it’s important to think outside the box and consider different ways of working rather than standard employment – such as the likes of freelancing or even starting your own business from scratch. This will enable you to start earning money, whether it is set to be a temporary plan or wish to continue on a full-time basis. Although the pandemic has forced many small businesses to shut its doors, it’s also the perfect time for new ones to start up.

If you’re currently unemployed, we hope this guide has given you some useful tips on how to start earning money and getting back on the job market.

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