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5 Common CV Mistakes

A lot of people question where they are going wrong when their phone isn't ringing regarding interview requests, and it could be down to some common CV mistakes like below:

1. Your CV is just too long!

If you image being in the employers seat and you have a stack of CV's in front of you, you probably wont want to read one that is 7 pages long. Right?

2. Spelling errors

One of the biggest mistakes on your CV is a spelling mistake. Most companies will judge you on this so make sure you use the spell checker and read through your CV just encase!

3. Hobbies outside of work

So you love to skateboard, go out for drinks with friends or reading books? Sounds harsh but they don't care. This is a waste of space on your CV as they simply don't look at it.

4. Leaving little to the imagination

Are you worried you have missed something but yet you have so much information on your CV? You may have missed the point on your CV completely! Make sure you leave a little for the interview and just keep the necessary information.

5. Let's take a selfie!

Leave the photos for Facebook unless you are a model! It comes across unprofessional.

Professional CV writing

If you require professional CV writing services then don't hesitate to get in touch today!


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