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5 interview questions you should never ask

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

You've perfected your CV and covering letter to a tee and even practised those all-important Q & A sessions with a friend. And what do you know? You’ve finally been invited to an interview!

At the end of the interview, candidates are normally quizzed with, “do you have any questions for me?” You can be pretty sure that this one will pop up in your conversation.

However, you could jeopardise your chances of bagging the job if you ask something inappropriate. Please make a special note to yourself: avoid the following questions with a barge pole, jobseekers...

1. Anything related to salary

We get that salary is at the top of your list and so do your potential employers. However, if you go in for the kill and start enquiring about it at such an early stage, chances are this will put your interviewer off. So we recommend – best to leave it till after the position is offered or unless of course it is bought up first (not by you though!).

2. As long as I do my hours, can I come in and leave whenever I want?

In short, the answer is no. Employers will wonder what your work ethics are if you’re already contemplating such a scenario. Of course, life happens with all its twists and turns, making this likely at some point but that’s not to say that scheduled work timings aren't to be adhered to. Be careful and avoid this question!

3. How did I do?

The problem with asking this one is: you'll either be perceived as having insecurity issues or a possessing a flair of arrogance. Sounds harsh but that’s what could be whizzing through your interviewers mind. Please don’t entertain this question; it will shock employers no matter how well your interview went. There’s no stopping you from thinking about it but certainly don't blurt it out. The answer to this question will be given in time.

4. How many holidays do I get?

Unless it isn’t mentioned in the job description, don’t be tempted to ask this question either. Of course, we all want holidays and are rightfully entitled to them but you’ll come across as though you’re already planning your next trip away. Dream about your next getaway in the following months, after being recruited, when you’re in-the-know about your holiday entitlement.

5. Can I work from home?

Again, another question to ponder over later down the line – ideally after a job offer. Your potential employer will think you’re not ready for the workplace environment they are offering, which has prompted you to ask this. Some companies do offer the work from home opportunity as an extra bonus but that usually happens after serving some time at the company.

Looking back, it is fair to say that the “do you have any questions for me?” is a done deal. Your interview is your chance to shine and if you’ve shined throughout, you don’t want to end it by leaving a bitter taste in your potential employers mouth.

Think wisely about what you want to ask at the final stage and be sure to avoid these five interview questions.

Good luck!

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