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Five tips on turning your Christmas job into a permanent one

You've bagged yourself a Christmas job! You’re getting into the swing of your new role and you're really enjoying it. But you don't want to it end after the festive period is over. This common conundrum is understandable as most Christmas jobs are allocated for just those few busy months at the end of the year.

Don’t despair though. Here are five tips that could help secure your role into something permanent.

1. Know who you work for

Do some background research about who you work for. It shows that you know what's what about the company; for example, what they believe in, who their competitors are and so on. This demonstrates your interest and enthusiasm in being their employee.

It is a vital point and sometimes we can disregard its importance, not paying enough attention to the finer details. So don’t stop yourself; getting researching!

2. Don’t be shy to ask questions

It’s guaranteed that there will be a couple of things you aren’t so sure about; a different protocol or procedure of performing a work task. Whatever the issue may be, don’t be shy to ask questions.

Whether that is via your line manager or fellow colleague, fire away! This will help you understand your role better and complete tasks successfully and quickly.

3. Get to know your colleagues

It’s a good idea to get acquainted with the people who you work with. It’s great for teamwork and makes the collaborated output that much more fluid and productive.

So don’t hold back, get to know your team and make some new friends.

4. Ooze initiative

Employers like to see that you can go that extra mile. So things like; working overtime, being available for cover or even showing a trainee the ropes are ways of grabbing your employer's attention. This displays initiative and that’s one quality employers gravitate towards.

Furthermore, make sure you are punctual. Employers want to see their staff at work on time so no slacking. Every second does count so don't be tempted to dismiss the importance of good timekeeping.

5. Keep a look out for internal vacancies

Companies can have internal vacancies open to existing staff. This gives you an added advantage because hey, you are already an existing employee! So that’s one box ticked already.

Keeping a look out for what is being advertised gives you added leverage as you know what your company is after. You may be able to progress into another role that moves your career forward, helping you gain more relevant skills and valued experience.

Final festive thoughts

Get cracking (not just yet with those Christmas crackers!), apply these helpful tips into your workplace and see how you get on.


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