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How a professionally written CV can boost your chances of employability

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Finding a job can be a difficult process. There are plenty out there to snap up but when you’re tailoring your CV to adapt to each role you’re applying for, it can be a draining and lengthy process.

Well, that’s where our service is here to help: professionally writing your CV to help boost your chances of employability.

Knowing that your CV has been professionally written will boost your confidence, motivation and positivity in moving forward to finding a position


Showcase your career history

Your CV is a marketing document that should wow your potential employer. You don’t want yours to end up in the bin because it just isn’t up to scratch. Professional CV writers can step in and showcase your career history in a way you never thought was possible. So bye, bye to those boring old ‘duties’ and ‘responsibilities’ sub headings. Say hello to the way a CV writer sees the world of employment in their writing.

They can work their magic wand and transform work tasks that are generic such as “led a team of professionals” to “established a team of professionals.”

CV writers know that action words prove more powerful for maximum impact. These special words bring more emphasis on how you contributed to your company's success rather than - plainly - what you did. They understand the job market trends, rules and expectations so will be able to drop these words in where required.

Format your CV with a pro

Professional CV writers know just how to format the layout of your CV to make it look aesthetically pleasing to impress potential employers. Every font style, size and usage of bullet points will be meticulously looked at and altered to increase your chances of employability.

The structure of the CV as a whole will be looked at too to ensure that all spacing and indentations are uniformly applied. So, another thing to look forward to when having a CV writer do a makeover on your marketing document.

Wiping out those typos

Employers really can't stand those pesky spelling mistakes - this is a common issue and downfall with CVs. With your wealth of knowledge and experience, spelling mistakes will be a big turnoff for potential employers. You really don’t want your CV discarded because you made a spelling blunder. So having an extra pair of professional eyes proofread your CV will be an invaluable asset, eradicating any room for errors in your CV.

Feeling the confidence

Your CV has had it’s time being checked with a fine tooth crumb for every rejig you can think of. Being in the hands of a pro who knows the CV market extensively will help boost your own confidence in your CV and in yourself!

Therefore, you will hopefully be more willing to apply for positions without fear of embarrassment or rejection as you know you are now giving yourself your best shot.

So, give us a call today here at Send Me Your CV for our professional team to give your CV the transformation it deserves.

Our clients praise us for our great results, personable service and fast turnover, so be sure to join them with bringing success to your life too. Simply CLICK HERE to find out more...



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