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How Best to take Negative Feedback at Work

No one likes being criticised or hearing negative feedback about themselves. The workplace can be home to this but here's how we can help you feeling positive despite feeling the upset.

You may receive negative feedback at work at some point but this isn't unusual. In fact, it's a part of life and the way it rolls. You'll get positive, encouraging feedback whilst at other points it might be disheartening news. However, the most important lesson to take from this experience is to take the feedback with grace and not to be hard on yourself.

Here are some tips to help you get through this like a pro.

1. Don’t take it personally!

Easier said than done but try not to take the feedback like your employer has personally targeted you. The first reaction would be to react defensively and perhaps feel annoyed or agitated. However, the best way to take the feedback would be to take a step back and think it through with clear vision.

Was your employer giving you constructive criticism that will help the productivity of your work improve and fall more in line with what they are seeking from your role?

2. Don't jump to conclusions

Alongside not taking negative feedback personally, try not to jump to conclusions either. Our tip is to take in the comments and process them slowly. When you are feeling hot-headed or emotions are running high, you may feel things that are not quite true or on point. The best advice we give is to not jump to conclusions and assume that your manager feels a certain way about you.

3. Ask away

When you receive feedback, it’s always good to ask further questions if you are unsure about anything. After all, how else can you improve your performance if you're unsure about what is expected from you? Bottom line: if you’re unsure why the comments were made or they seem unclear to you, ask away. Your manager won’t think it rude that you asked!

4. Be polite

Even when you might feel downtrodden, don't. If you look at it this way, the feedback can be used in your favour if you take it on the chin and use it to help you excel. Don't forget to thank your manager, no matter how you’re feeling inside. It will show your professionalism and right attitude towards the situation on the whole.

Final words of wisdom

Believe us when you say that negative comments in the workplace happen but when they come from your manager advising you to improve on something work related, you can use this in your favour to self-improve and grow. Life is a learning curving and taking in the good and bad like a true professional will help you look at things more positively and productively.

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