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How many pages should my CV be?

Generally speaking, CVs should aim to be two pages in length. However, one size doesn't fit all where the level of your experience and skills can determine how long the CV can be.

Let's dive in and find out more...

Can I really have a one-page CV?

University leavers or first-time job applicants will usually have a one-page CV. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that because we all have to start from somewhere, right? Employers will expect this so don't be afraid of trying to cram in more than what it's worth. Of course, your aim is to wow your reader but it would be a pointless task adding in whatever you can think of just to fill out the standard two pages.

The standard two-page CV

Most professionals will find that they fall into the two-page CV category. Given the relevant skills set and experience under their belt, their CV will have more information that recruiters will be interested to see. It's a given that there is limited time to spend trawling through hundreds of applicants. According to Glassdoor, "on average each corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes." So, you can imagine how many CVs there will be that the employers will want their ATS bots to sieve through! Ensure that those two pages reflect you and how you can benefit the company you are putting yourself forward for.

Are three pages pushing it?

Having a three-page CV is not commonly used and is usually for those who are in a high ranking such as directorship-level, and have a notable number of achievements. Freelancers and contractors can also use a three-page CV to convey their assignments and projects.

If you have been in your career for a decade or more, you may find that you are able to omit some details. Prospective employers will tend to look for the most recent skills and experience and how these will fit in line with their job posting and the business overall. It might be tempting to list every job you have had and what you took away from each experience but the employer simply does not have the time to read through each CV in detail. Stick to the most recent and take it from there!

Final thoughts

If you are struggling with your CV, regardless of the page number, Send Me Your CV can help you! Based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, our dedicated and professional writing team know what works on a CV, and what doesn't.

We will uniquely craft your marketing document according to your skills set and experience using the precise keywords that employers and those clever ATS (application tracking systems) bots will be looking out for. In a timely turnaround time, your new and improved CV will land in your inbox ready to be sent off to employers.

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