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How to Ace a Skype Interview

As technology is ever-progressing, so is the way job interviews are taking place. One aspect that has definitely altered is the way interviews can be conducted and by this we mean, using Skype as a tool to connect recruiters and potential employees.

One thing to bear in mind is a virtual interview is not the same as seeing your interviewer face-to-face. Even though you can see each other, the virtual feel brings with it its own challenges. So, if you have been invited to the next stage of the application process, here are some tips on how to ace a Skype interview.

Dress to impress; always!

General interview etiquette still applies when you're attending a Skype interview. This means dressing in interview attire still holds firmly. Make sure you are dressed fully, don't be tempted to dress smartly from the waist-up (as appealing as it sounds!) During the video call, you might need to move around a bit and if your interviewer notices that you aren't fully dressed to impress, it certainly won't make a good impression! General advice: cutting corners may cost you more than you think.

Think about your backdrop

Your surroundings are important too. Don't neglect your backdrop and what your interviewer will see behind you. Make sure that you are sat comfortably and have neat and clean surroundings. It certainly won't bode well if you are circled by clutter. Also, pay attention to your lighting. A dark lit room, whereby the interviewer will not be able to see you, will also be off-putting. Before your interview, check your space, set it up, encourage good lighting and be prepared like a pro for your Skype interview.

Be tech-savvy

Like any interview, you will have some time to prepare. If you aren't so familiar with Skype and have been invited to an interview using this platform then it's high time that you become accustomed to it. Don't decrease your chances of having a great interview because you got into a state of panic and couldn't connect to the call.

Sometimes technology can bring along an element of unpredictability. If you or your interviewer loses connection, make sure you don't lose your cool. Remain professionally composed and go ahead with reconnecting again. Bottom line: know what Skype is about and remain calm.

Be punctual

Like you wouldn't imagine turning up late to a face-to-face interview, there should be no exceptions with a Skype call. Don't create a bad impression by missing the call or attending to it later than scheduled. Be punctual and ready.

Have your aids handy

If you have notes that you will need in the interview, ensure that they are prepared and ready to be used. There's nothing worse than telling your interviewer that you need to get something and leave them hanging. Have everything on standby, tools and aids, including a glass of water in case your mouth dries.

Final thoughts

Skype interviews are becoming more popular with the growth and convenience of technology. Recruiters are finding this platform better suited for them to fish out candidates due to time or location constraints. If you have a Skype interview coming up, use these tips to help you ace it!

Good luck jobseekers!

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