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How to Answer: Why Should We Hire You?

Nearing the end of an interview, you’re bound to be asked the question ‘Why should we hire you?’ If you haven’t planned for this open-ended question, you may be left like a deer in the headlights or reeling off anything that comes to mind with no clear structure.

This is, however, your time to shine and prove to the interviewer that you are the perfect fit for the role. It is best to come prepared with several strong reasons that will make you a memorable candidate. Ultimately, the interviewer’s job is to hire the best person for the position – so although you may be qualified enough for the job, you’ll need to think outside the box as to what makes you the clear winner in their eyes.

An answer that focuses on why the job role will benefit you is never a good approach, so you should never reply with:

- I need a job

- I need the money

- It is near to where I live

- A relative used to work here and said the employee benefits are good

Here is how you should answer the question: ‘Why Should We Hire You’?

1. Be specific

It’s good to think of specific reasons as to what makes you unique from the other candidates to attract the interviewer’s interest, as well as raising any valuable pointers about yourself that you may not have mentioned beforehand. Write down a couple of questions and a clear answer to the following:

- What makes you different from everyone else?

- What can you offer that other candidates may not?

2. Do your research

This is your chance to prove to employers that you are interested in the company and would be proud to work there. Carry out research that demonstrates your understanding of the company culture and job specifications and what they are looking for in their ideal candidate. You should also aim to recognise the company’s missions and goals and how you’ll strive to accomplish these targets.

3. Be a problem solver

On most occasions, employers hire for a new position since they need a problem solved, so this certainly needs to be addressed in your answer. Discuss how you would make a difference in the company with your knowledge and skillset. This not only shows that you’re keen on making a positive change within the company’s current strategies, but that you’re a forward-thinker, team player and aren’t afraid of a challenge.

4. Use specific stories and anecdotes

When claiming why you’re relevant for the role, employers prefer candidates to provide an example as a form of proof. It wouldn’t be a good idea to reel off stories off the top of your head, or you may end up going off on a tangent. Instead plan your examples well in advance of situations when you have had to use your initiative, demonstrate leadership and teamwork for example.

If you have an interview coming up – we wish you luck and hope you’ll be able to take these tips on board to secure the job! You could also use our Interview Advice service should you wish…. Visit our services page for more information on this.

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