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How To Get Ahead of the Job Hunting Process for 2020

Outsmarting the competition and getting ahead of the job hunting process for 2020 is the aim. Your goal is to find a new job in the new year but you need to get in front of the crowd and noticed.

How, you may ask?

Firstly, there are many “hidden jobs" that go undetected to the wider job seekers community. These positions are usually filled by word of mouth or referrals so this can be problematic for job seekers. The chances of bagging a job are reduced if the majority of vacancies are snapped up like this.

We will take you through a few tips to help you get ahead of the job hunting process for 2020:

New year, new CV

First up, ensure that your CV is showcasing your current and up-to-date skills and experience that will keep employers interested and engaged. Your CV is your marketing document so market yourself effectively. You don't want to be discarded and thrown in the candidate reject bin.

If you need a hand getting your CV out there, Send Me Your CV are always here to help. Our professional team have written thousands of CVs where candidates have had positive results. Our friendly team can speedily deliver your CV, so get in touch with us today.

Update your skills

Learning new skills to keep you up-to-date with the current soft and hard skills trend, and what employers are looking for, will help you get ahead of the job hunting process. Invest time in building yourself up and understanding what employers are looking for in your knowledge and experience.


Reach out to other professionals using your social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Update your accounts and ensure that you don’t have any untoward photos, comments and posts. Keep it to a professional level as potential employers do their social media background checks too. (90% of them, just to let you know!)

Go the extra mile with skills tests

Chances are, you may be required to do a skills test prior to being considered as a potential candidate. You want to make yourself shine by passing it with flying colours so don't hold back! Pour all your knowledge and expertise into it and feel confident that you will progress onto the next round.

Ooze confidence

Employers like to see your confidence so make sure that you are in the know about the company you are applying to, their background and ethos, the role and what YOU can offer them. Ooze confidence and ensure you have covered everything you need to know about the company.

Prepare for the interview

Practice common interview questions thoroughly such as:

· Tell us about yourself

· Why did you apply for this position?

· What can you give to the role?

· Do you have any questions for us?

The more you practice, the more relaxed you will feel when asked these typical interview questions. Research your role and have a look online what else might be quizzed.

We hope these tips for job hunting will help you get ahead in 2020!

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