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How to get your LinkedIn profile noticed by employers

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Your online presence counts!

You’re searching for a new role so you’ve perfected your CV to a tee. This marketing document, demonstrating your skills and knowledge, is now ready to be put out there to wow those employers you are aiming to impress.

But did you know that according to a recent study conducted by LinkedIn, over a whopping 70% of employers check candidates’ social media profiles? Therefore, having a digital footprint should rank high at the top of your to-do list.

Further to this, about 47% of employers expressed that they would not interview a candidate who lacked a social media presence. That’s pretty harsh but as technology is evolving, so are the methods of seeking and obtaining our aims.

Why you need a LinkedIn account

Employers are keeping up with the pace and the social media avenue allows them to do their own background checks on their potential employees. Your LinkedIn profile will help build your career, network with other professionals and of course, get you out there in the world of employment.

So first off, don’t get lost in that reject pile! Make sure you have a LinkedIn account active whilst applying for roles.

We will take you through steps to help your LinkedIn profile get noticed by employers.

Target employers

The purpose of your LinkedIn profile will be to target employers and capture their attention. Keeping this mind, you will want to write a summary that markets you and your skill set. Just as a CV would drive you forward, so will your LinkedIn profile.

Keep it concise

Your summary should be straight to the point and concise. You don’t want to bore your reader nor do you want to pour vast information onto their screens that ends up being too overbearing!

Don't tell fibs

Telling porkies will get you into trouble so avoid the temptation of sprucing yourself up. (Think of the world seeing through your lies!)

Be yourself and show your potential employers that you have got what it takes. You’re an individual with so much to offer so don’t underestimate yourself!

Explain what you do

Your readers will know you better if you explain what it is you currently do. They'll be interested in knowing this handy information to give them a better idea of where you stand in your industry. Avoid long-winded paragraphs with a barge pole though. No employer wants to trawl through vast information when they can get what they need in a few paragraphs.

Have a spectacular closing line

Zhoosh up your summary with a closing line that your reader will remember you for. You want to end it on a high note, so avoid a bland ending. This is your chance to make yourself shine!

Final thoughts

Having a LinkedIn profile is brilliant but what's even better is when you know how worthwhile it is investing the best content to push yourself out there. So, you certainly want to get noticed by employers!

Did you know that Send Me Your CV are here to help review your LinkedIn profile? If need a pair of extra professional eyes, do get in touch with our friendly team who can help you. We will also review your CV and deliver a detailed report based on how to improve your virtual presence at a competitive price.

Good luck and happy hunting!

How to get noticed on LinkedIn

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