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How to impress your interviewer

Express yourself the best way and grab your interviewer's attention.

An interview can be a nerve-racking experience and even the best of us can feel a bit wobbly before and during the event. They say that preparation is the key so by making sure that you have rehearsed your introduction and likely questions are the best way to gain confidence and feel more at ease.

When being interviewed, one of the areas you must be able to effectively speak about is yourself. Here are some key points on how to expertly describe yourself in your next interview.

Your CV is a profile, not a dialogue

It can be tempting to talk through your entire CV as though it's a script you're reading off from at the interview. Your CV is a collection of touchpoints you should talk about, but use to apply and link with experiences. For example, if you focus on your communication skills in your CV, you can discuss how you used this skill at a presentation and what the outcome was.

Mention what others say about you

Discussing what other professionals have noticed about your professionalism both regarding strengths and weaknesses is also a great area to mention. Talking about this at the interview shows how you are conscious of others and how they perceive your work ethics and credibility as a professional.

Keep it straight to the point and clear

When it comes to that point in the interview where you're asked to talk about yourself, make sure you are prepared. There's nothing worse than being caught off guard and in the case of an interview, it is always almost guaranteed that you will be asked to talk about who you are, what experiences you have and where you are heading to. Next, keep what you are going to say straight to the point and concise. You don't want to start waffling and going off on a tangent, and you most certainly don't want to say too little and not explain yourself in depth. Remember, an interview is like a sales pitch. You want your employer to buy what you are delivering so that you can bag the job.

Backup your points

Points aren't valid without being backed up by evidence. That's why when you are ready to talk about yourself and explain your work history alongside any relevant educational background, it is a good idea to have evidence of how you can apply your skills to the role. You will also need to ensure you explain your key achievements in your top three roles. This will demonstrate how you will be perfect for the job and make you stand out above the other candidates.

Preparation is necessary

Practice a mock interview with a friend or a member of the family. Get them to ask you key questions to help you prepare for the day so that you are cool, calm and confident. They can help by inputting their feedback and getting you to review and alter your answers should you need to.


After applying with a great CV and covering letter, hopefully, the next step will be that you've been called in for an interview. Make sure you know exactly what you want to say about yourself so that your interview is successful.

At Send Me Your CV, we offer an Interview preparation service to ensure that once you have an interview booked, we can talk through the upcoming interview with you to ensure you walk into the potential employers full of confidence. Visit our Services page for more information or simply fill in the contact us form.

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