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How to write a CV when you have no experience

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

You’re ready to take on the employment world by storm but don't have the backing of any work experience. You may think that employers will find this off putting but stop right there!

Take comfort in knowing that having lots of work experience doesn’t necessarily mean that employers will be drawn into another candidate over you. If you can display that you have the ability to fulfill the role successfully, then don't stop yourself from being hired.

Here’s a quick guide to show you how you can make your CV work for you when you don't have any work experience.

Tailor your CV to the job description

Read job descriptions carefully and apply to those which you feel best suit your personality, interests and of course, skill set. If you don’t have the skills an employer is looking for, then don’t tell porkies! Simply move on and apply elsewhere.

Another good thing to bear in mind is that if you tick around 80% of what recruiters are after, as stated in their job posting, then give yourself the green light to go ahead and hit that apply button.

Use precise keywords

Beat those application tracking system (ATS) bots that cleverly scan your CV searching for those precious keywords, once again as stated in the job posting.

If they are looking for a candidate that possesses proficient knowledge in SEO (which you certainly do, mind) then include this in your CV as: “proficient knowledge in SEO.”

Keywords are literally the key to either your CV being viewed or dismissed so be sure not to disregard their importance.

Write an awesome covering letter

You can wow your future employer with a covering letter that really captures their attention. Adding this to your application will be a bonus as employers will be interested in anything additional you have to say that you couldn’t on your CV. Here you can express your interest in why you are applying for the job and what you have to offer the company.

Fish out alternative ways of gaining experience

If you haven’t got any experience under your belt, fear not. There are other avenues to gain experience other than via a paid job role. The following examples can be included on your CV:


This is an excellent way of gaining and developing new skills. Giving something back to the community is another great incentive to consider volunteering. So, if you have any past experience, be sure to include it! And if you don’t, consider it as employers will love to see how you have effectively utilised your time.

Helping friends and family

Have you ever helped friends and family arrange or organise something that you can include on your CV? Cast your mind back now.

  • Ever set up a car boot sale and had to do a sales pitch to rope potential customers in?

  • Perhaps you've organised a local collection for charity and had to liaise with the community and organisers thus improving your communication skills?

  • Or maybe you've mentored a friend in their studies or field of interest?

You can pick up new skills and build on existing ones even if you’ve not been employed before. So don’t lose heart, newbie jobseekers. Don’t hold yourself back, get applying.

Final thoughts

Everyone has skills to offer employers and every employer has a job opportunity perfect for someone out there. You can tailor your CV, including keywords and skills obtained through different avenues, and write a fantastic and concise covering letter to improve your chances of becoming employed even if you have no work experience.

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CV writing when you have no experience

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