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January - A New Job for the Year

Are you thinking of looking for a new job? January may be the key to you discovering a new career.

January usually marks the start of the hiring season and it might be a good time to start looking for a job now that we are a week into 2020.

Employers perspective

After the Christmas break and time off away from the office, companies usually make key decisions about their forecast and expectations for the year ahead. With this, yearly budgets may also be released to departments and divisions as many companies' financial years run on a calendar year basis. With budgets in place and targets set, employers will then look to hiring new staff to assist in the process.

Your perspective

After the long break, it might be that you've reflected on what you want to achieve for the year ahead. This period of contemplation proves useful as it gives you time to give a thought on things you probably should have done (but just didn't get the chance to) during the year. It's a great way of wrapping up the year and looking forward. So, if you feel it's time to leave your current position, then let it be. Whatever the drive is for change, go ahead and get the ball rolling.

CV and LinkedIn profile

Ensuring that your CV and your LinkedIn profile are up to date is paramount. No employer wants to see outdated information so make sure it is top-notch and makes a great impression. You want your CV at the top of the pack, not at the bottom of the heap.

Where to look for employment

Access to online vacancies is so convenient with the internet always proving to be a resourceful tool. Sign up to job sites and get real-time updates on jobs being posted by employers. You can sign up to recent searches which can be stored for ease, with new job posts landing at the top of your page. The results can also be emailed to you which proves handy. Not only this but, applying with the optimised CV database facility is helpful. Most sites incorporate this so that you don't have to continuously attach your CV with every submission. Having said that it is essential that you thoroughly read through each job description to see how the company would like the application to be submitted as not everyone follows the same protocol.

Send Me Your CV doesn't just help with improving your CV. They also look at how you can improve your LinkedIn profile which is viewed by most of today's employers. Get in touch with our friendly team today for more advice.

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