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Job Hunting Getting You Down?

Here are 4 Ways to Cope When it Gets Too Much

No one said the job hunt was easy. In fact, it can be one of the most stressful experiences you may have in life, especially when you rely on employment for financial reasons. You may have applied for hundreds of positions but have been informed you have been unsuccessful or simply haven’t heard back from the employer. What’s more, stress can have a profound impact on your productivity and confidence. If you feel that the job hunt is getting you down, we’ve listed 4 ways to cope when you face repetitive disappointment:

Be patient

Patience is a virtue and while it may seem a little cheesy, it’s extremely true when it comes to the job hunt. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely you’ll be snapped up for the very first job you apply for due to the vast amount of competition you’re up against, so it’s all about learning to live with the fact that it simply takes time. Not only does impatience have an impact on your mental state, but can also cause physical symptoms such as tension, fast breathing and quick movements all of which can lead to stress and anxiety.

Be persistent

In order to prove successful in the job hunt, you need to be persistent and not let the fear of failure prevent you from pushing forward. It can, however, be difficult when you don’t have anyone to report to. To keep you motivated, you could ask a friend or relative to be a mentor who will encourage you to reach your goals and strive for your next target. In doing so, you’ll feel much more motivated to achieve.

Embrace imperfection

It’s important to understand that not even the most qualified and skilful applicants are perfect, therefore, don’t undermine yourself by believing you’re not good enough for the role. The employer won’t expect you to know everything from day one – most jobs now have some form of training to help you get to grips with everyday tasks. Acknowledge your weaknesses and put strategies in place of how you can improve them. This will help you feel much more confident in the job application process.

Focus on updating your CV

Have you ever considered that it may be your CV that’s letting you down when applying for jobs? If you have composed it yourself with no knowledge of what an employer is looking for, you may have overlooked the correct layout and are missing vital components which help you get noticed straight away. If you require a professional CV writing service, you have come to the right place. We’ll give your CV a more professional and cleaner feel to help you stand out in front of employers.

If you have had no luck in the job application process so far, don’t stress too much. It often takes weeks or even months to find a suitable position to match your skillet so take every day as it comes and focus on becoming a much more competitive candidate in the job hunt.

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