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Why you should have a LinkedIn page...

Since launching in 2003, LinkedIn has become THE networking tool for professionals. Having a LinkedIn profile is an essential tool for those looking for work, and for those in work.

Below are just a few reasons why you should have a LinkedIn profile:

1. Recruitment Consultants and Hiring Managers are already on it…

Research has indicated that around 94% of all recruiters use LinkedIn, either to find a candidate or check the background of an applicant. The outcome is obvious – if the people recruiting are on LinkedIn, you should be too.

2. You could have an interview simply for being active on LinkedIn…

Employers looking for new or undiscovered talent are using LinkedIn to unearth people already performing in other companies and industries and reaching out to them with new career opportunities. Not having a LinkedIn profile may mean you missing such opportunities yourself.

3. Its what Employers see when they Google You…

Over 70% of Employers will now Google an applicant before they even decide to invite them for an Interview. For most candidates, their LinkedIn profile will appear near the top of the results page in the search engine, rather than Facebook, Instagram or other less professional, social media platforms.

A good LinkedIn profile should complement your CV, because it can offer a fuller picture of who you are, provide a more detailed employment history, and showcase, publications, personal projects, volunteer work, and other stuff that interests you.

4. You can accrue references based on your skills

LinkedIn allows friends and colleagues to endorse and recommend you for your skills which you get to pick. These then show you’re worth the value to a potential employer.

Using the services of a professional writing company to create or re-write your LinkedIn profile, such as us at Sendmeyourcv, can be valuable because they have the knowledge of the market, the search engine keywords that enable employers to find you, and can create a professional profile that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Having a well-written LinkedIn Profile should be a must for any professional, both for those in work and those seeking a new job. Otherwise you are neglecting a powerful personal marketing tool and cutting yourself off from major opportunities that could change your life!

If you need help with setting up or improving a LinkedIn profile, simply use our contact us form to get in touch.


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