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Put Yourself in Your Employer's Shoes

Writing a quick CV because you are itching to get yourself out there on the job market is a doddle. However, this may not give you the results you are looking for which is an interview call. Being hasty doesn't always pay off so take your time.

Putting yourself in your reader's shoes is a good way of planning what you will write in your CV. Understanding your target audience is vital for writing your winning marketing document; your CV.

Plan, plan, plan

Spending as much time researching and planning as actually writing your CV is essential. Really understanding what employers are looking for in your field is essential to writing the keywords they will be looking out for in your CV. Research on company websites, job boards and other recruitment resources so you can obtain this information.

Focus on the person specification

Alongside the job description, you should also consider the person specification. The job description explains what is required in doing the job whilst the person specification explains the criteria and expertise needed to be hired. Your CV will be looked at to see whether it matches this so if you feel that you are a good fit for the role then clearly demonstrate the points. You should also use examples to indicate that you are a credible candidate to back up what you are conveying to your reader.

It's all about the reader

Even though you are applying for the role, it isn't about YOU. What the job application boils down to is what your reader will want to see and how you will benefit their company. Throughout your CV you will need to demonstrate this starting from your personal introduction. Even though you will be talking about yourself, apply words that the employer is after within this section and throughout. This will catch their attention and make you stand out as a candidate who has the qualities they are after.

Proofread your CV

Everyone makes mistakes, it's normal and natural but in the case of your CV, there cannot be any room for errors. If there is, as harsh as it may sound, expect your CV to be binned!

To avoid this, ensure that you have thoroughly read your CV after completion. Take a break and then review it again or get an extra pair of eyes to look over it for you. Sometimes errors aren't so obvious to you as they might be for others so perfecting your CV to a tee is crucial.

The Send Me Your CV team are here to help!

Our professional team of writers know the recruitment industry very well. They have written thousands of CVs, reviewed LinkedIn profiles and have advised candidates about searching for a job. Contact the team today about any CV worries you may have and they will be move than happy to help.

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