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Five reasons people are looking for work right now...

In a country full of uncertainty, people are looking for work for a number of reasons...

1. Brexit

Yes that dreaded word! Since no one knows what the exact outcome is going to be still, it’s effected a number of businesses in different ways, meaning people are unsure of their job is likely to still be here for much longer.

2. Change of circumstances

You may have just had the news of a new baby or you need to be closer to family members etc. Whatever the reason, you may be looking to change your job role to relocate to a new location or higher salary or even more flexible working hours.

3. No longer feeling valued

This is a horrible situation to be in as it can be very demoralising, yet it seems to be very common. Simply put, if you don’t feel valued in your workplace anymore then have a word with your manager and then if that still doesn’t work then it’s time to look for a new company.

4. Salary

Money makes the world go around right? Our jobs demand more and more yet employers don't seem as comfortable parting with their cash for your salary as they used to. Where this is the case, you may find that leaving the company in order to find a better salary elsewhere is becoming more popular.

5. Redundancy

Another horrendous situation to be in, but with multiple Filmore & Union restaurants suddenly closing in North Yorkshire, a vast number of ex staff members are left disheartened, angry and without a job. The thing to remember is that you haven't done anything wrong personally and you should try to remain confident. Being available immediately for work is a great advantage over those with notice to give and so you should get your CV updated and start getting it out there as soon as possible.

So What next?

Should any of these points sound familiar, we are here to help you fine tune your CV to increase your odds of getting that new job as quickly as possible. Simply get in touch today here to see how we can help you get there quickly.

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