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Sending a Thank-You Note Post-Interview

Be sure to send a thank-you note after your interview...

So your CV and covering letter went straight to the top of the recruitment pile and you made it through the interview process. Now that that's done, you want to leave a positive lasting impression of yourself to your potential employer. Ending your recruitment process with a thank-you note will help you do just that! Here are a few tips to consider when composing this vital note that could possibly work in your favour. Let's get started!

Don't go over the top

Keep your thank-you note professional and avoid sounding too extreme. Statements like, “this has been the greatest opportunity of my life” and “thank you so, so much, it was so amazing meeting you,” sound too excessive. Just keep it simple and straight to the point without any added fluff.

More than one interviewer?

If you had more than one interviewer, make sure you address them both or separately. They will gravitate towards remembering you and may mention it to each other whilst reviewing your candidacy for the job.

A final push for the role

In your thank-you note you can reiterate why you believe that you’re the right candidate for the job. This is a great chance to add this into your note within a couple of lines.

Short and sweet, minus errors

Give your thanks, remind them why you believe that you’re the best person for the job and then spell-check it. Whether that’s via your electronic device or someone you know who is great at proofreading, be sure not to overlook this tip. Any grammatical errors will reflect negativity regardless of the kind gesture.

Stick to electronic

Send your thank-you note via email if possible. Its quick, more easily received and the most recognised method of communication. You should also know if it has been received successfully by using a read receipt. If this isn’t possible, for example if you went through a recruitment agency, then send a printed letter in the post to the business.

In conclusion…

A great way to end your recruitment process is to send a thank-you note post-interview. It may be a small task which can also come with great rewards. By following the tips above your note of gratitude will help make you stand out above the competing candidates.

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