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Showcasing Your Achievements on Your CV

Your CV is your prized possession helping you get on the career ladder. This piece of marketing literature should resonate you and your achievements in the best light possible. Your CV should be in line with the job you’re applying for.

Listing your achievements are paramount so that your potential employers can see exactly what you’ve been able to accomplish in your career or along the way to your dream job.

Here are a list of areas to consider when demonstrating your achievements. Let’s explore them.

Your CV needs to excel; going over and beyond

It’s crucial that your CV does as much of the hard work as possible. Including your skills and those all-important keywords is one thing, but what really makes you stand out are your relevant achievements. The evidence to demonstrate them is essential and what will get employers to take interest in you.

Use facts and figures

Including facts and figures to support how you can make a difference in a potential job role will immensely boost your CV's appeal and your credibility. Employers want to know exactly HOW you have made your accomplishments and if they employ you, how you will help their organisation. What approach will you take? Is it effective and efficient? How?

Use real-life examples

Your CV needs to be personalised and tailored to you. You don’t want to fall into the trap of listing generic “duties” and “responsibilities,” which will quite frankly bore your reader. Using real-life examples will bring another dynamic to your CV as your reader will be able to visualise you, as an employable individual, better. The great work that you have done needs to shine on your CV. Don't miss out on showcasing them.

New year, new CV - get our team to help

Send Me Your CV is a CV writing company with a plethora of professional writers who can help you. If you aren’t sure how your CV should incorporate your achievements, we will be happy to help. With our great feedback from previous customers and competitive prices, that’s all the more reason to get in touch with us today.

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