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5 Signs you're ready for a career change

We have all been there, finding ourselves worried if we should be in that job or not. From an early age we’re told to pick a subject to study, then take the first internship that can transform into a full-blown career.

Before you know it, that job has started and so many years down the line, you’re not sure if it is right for you any more and and it seems impossible to think about shifting your career. But it isn’t impossible at all!

There are several tell-tale signs you’re ready to make a change and go after a career that inspires and motivates you. If any of these five nagging thoughts apply to you, get in touch today to see how your CV can be altered to hep you move into your new role with our professional CV writing services.

Professional Cv writing

1. You wake up every day dreading going to work

Everyone experiences that Monday morning feeling. But, when it carries through to the rest of the week, then your gut is probably trying to tell you something. A role that inspires distress, anxiety or depression can only deteriorate over time.

Why not look for a job that aligns more closely with your interests and values? The more passionate you are about your job, the more likely you are to enjoy going to work every day.

2. You’re bored at work more often than you’re not

The longer you work in a position, the more likely it is for you to feel as though you are doing the same tasks every day. If there isn’t a single element of your job that is challenging or encouraging you to develop new skills, then you have probably outgrown the role.

3. You don’t feel like your work is making a difference

If you feel your voice isn’t being heard, think about the impact you want to make and explore the different jobs and companies that work towards that same goal. Sometimes you just don’t feel like your work is being appreciated which is wrong on all accounts. A good Manager should be there to manage, inspire and develop their team to success.

Once you’ve found a company you’re happy working with, see if they’re hiring for a role that is similar to yours. Just think about how driven you’ll be when you’re working for a cause that’s close to your heart.

4. You’re no longer learning new skills

Maybe you’re too skilled for your current role, or maybe your company doesn’t want to spend the time or money training you up. Either way, the lack of development probably means you need a change.

Failing to add new qualifications or practical skills may lead to a hole or gap in your CV, which could make it difficult to continue advancing in your career further down the line.

Find a job that aligns with your skills but also allows you to develop and take on new responsibilities. It doesn’t have to be the exact same job title, but if it encourages you to use your skills while developing new ones, you’ll feel more driven to succeed.

5. You’re jealous of people in other careers

Do you find yourself comparing your personal career development with your friends? Maybe you have a friend that works for an amazing company or they have started a successful business.

Before you make any changes, you need to figure out what triggers your jealousy. Is it the work culture? Is it the actual company they work for? Is it their specific work duties? A useful exercise could be to look at similar jobs online and cross reference your transferable skills to see how closely your experience matches with what those types of roles are looking for.

You may be jealous of your friend’s job, but taking the time to explore what this role entails will help make you more confident to apply to that position.

Ready for a career change?

While we know it’s not as simple as simply dropping everything and leaving a job you hate, taking the time to explore different options is the first step to leaving that unmotivating job behind.

Your CV will need altering to suit that role too so don’t forget to get in touch with us at Sendmeyourcv to help guide you with our professional Cv writing services, expert knowledge and advice to make this dream job become reality. View our professional CV writing services here.

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