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The Benefits of Working Abroad

Working abroad could be one of the most rewarding yet challenging experiences of your life but could boost your career prospects. Securing your dream job can be extremely difficult, however, there are various ways you can make yourself as attractive to potential employers. One of the best options to consider is spending a year working abroad, which could help you stand out from the crowd when the time comes to apply for a new job back home. Here are several reasons why working abroad could be beneficial to you: 1. Enhances your CV One of the greatest benefits of working abroad is that it will add a unique experience to your CV. Employers are keen to hire candidates who have worldly experience as it makes them a well-rounded individual. It also proves you have acquired key skills that makes you much more employable, such as communication and adaptability which can inevitably be used and tailored to suit any job role. Dependant on the country, you may also have learned the local language which demonstrates that you have the ability to speak with foreign clients; which is a huge benefit to any business. 2. Increases cultural awareness

What’s great about working abroad is that it allows you to experience another culture, This will no doubt shape your perspective and thought processes and allow you to see things differently. You will also be able to communicate with a wider range of people, understand their expectations and cater to their requirements, 3. Expands your professional network

Building a professional network can go a long way to boost your career prospects. It’s easy to connect with professionals all over the world through social media, but meeting international contacts face-to-face builds stronger relationships. While working abroad, you could ask these contacts to become your references when you move back home and apply for new positions, which could give you an advantage over other contacts You know what they say - it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. 4. Step out of your comfort zone

While moving abroad is an exciting experience, it is also daunting and employers will understand that. Getting used to a new country and the culture takes time and patience and is possibly unlike anything you have ever experienced before, which proves that you aren’t afraid to step out of your comfort zone whenever you need to. Any employer will be keen to challenge you from the very first day and having work experience abroad is a hint that you’re ready to conquer whatever challenge is thrown their way. 5. More likely to get a promotion

Research has shown that those who have worked abroad are far more likely to get a promotion in the early stages of their career. Having between 6-18 months international experience gives you the advantage of being able to work your way up the company and deal with clients from across the world and is an opportunity that may never have been open to you previously.

In conclusion, if you are wondering how you can boost your career options, working abroad is certainly an avenue to consider. Not only will you have an impressive CV, but you’ll also have glowing references, while boosting your confidence in areas you may have believed.

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