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The UK's Best Places to Work in 2020

As January has come to an end, here at Send Me Your CV we thought it would be a great idea to let you know about a recent survey Glassdoor carried out. The UK's Best Place to Work in 2020 was compiled with employees’ input being the focal touchpoint.

It’s good to have an understanding about what current employees think of their workplace environment and how they fit in as individuals with the company’s ethos and goals. This year, it has been all about the culture fit and how this affects employers and employees alike. Let's first take a look at what this means.

What does cultural fit mean?

Organisations can include the cultural fit guidelines in their job description. Their mission statement, goals and values can give you a good indication as to what their beliefs are as a company and what relationship they want with their employees, clients and other organisations. If you feel that you are on the same page as the potential company and that it rises excitement, passion and drive in you, then go ahead and apply!

Who came in at #1?

Tech giant, Google, made it to the top of the list at number one! “This year’s winners stand out for promoting transparency with employees, offering career growth opportunities and providing work driven by impact and purpose,” said Christian Sutherland-Wong, Glassdoor president, chief operating officer (extracted from Glassdoor's website).

Based on employee feedback, here are the top 10 best places to work in the UK this year:

1. Google

Company rating: 4.5

2. Equal Experts

Company rating: 4.5

3. Salesforce

Company rating: 4.4

4. Hiscox

Company rating: 4.4

5. Softcat

Company rating: 4.4

6. Abcam

Company rating: 4.4

7. Microsoft

Company rating: 4.4

8. SAP

Company rating: 4.4

9. Topps Tiles

Company rating: 4.4

10. Arup

Company rating: 4.4

The takeaway

Applying for a job especially when you know where to look becomes an easier process. If you are looking for a workplace with a strong mission and goal, then explore and learn the companies that made it to the top 10 for 2020. Doing your own background research will give you an idea of what is out there and what you will want for yourself and your skills set. Share your thoughts with our team here at Send Me Your CV! We’d love to hear from you!

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