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Tips for Career Success: Part Two

Those of us who are career driven are keen to know what it takes to achieve success. It can be easier said than done and knowing how to work your way to the top of the career ladder can be difficult – especially if you have just started out. No-one should spend precious time in a job that they hate and is making them physically and mentally unwell, so if you believe that now is the right time to push the boundaries and achieve success, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at just a few of the tips below:

1. Don’t stay loyal to your company

Although you may have worked for your company for many years and feel as though you owe it to your boss to remain in your job role, you should never be loyal to your company if you’re not happy. Many managers take advantage of their employees due to the fact that they have consistently performed well, which may leave you overworked and unrewarded. Instead of trying to be loyal to those who don’t treat you with respect, be loyal to yourself. Understand your own needs and ambitions and seek a company that shows you the appreciation and value you deserve.

2. Take initiative

Although you may be worried about taking the reins of your own career path, it’s essential you do so if you want to achieve success. Too many individuals are afraid to step out of their comfort zone and stay in a job they’re familiar with, rather than reaching for their goals. However, success is all about risk-taking in today’s competitive job market. Employers are looking for individuals who can bring creative ideas to the table and pitch new resolutions to problems they are facing in their business.

3. Be willing to keep learning

Regardless of your level of education, you should never expect to stop learning. Industries can progress dramatically in such a short space of time and it’s likely you’ll have to carry out regular research to keep up with the times. This is especially relevant due to the evolution of technology which is having a significant impact on all of our lives – and many industries. You’re also likely to be bombarded with hundreds of questions every single day from customers and co-workers which will force to you to find answers and develop your knowledge and skillset.

4. Be a good listener

Some people believe that those who shout loudest get heard and while that may be true, it won’t always make you the most popular individual in the workplace. You can learn far more by listening and taking in important information, rather than facing a huge misunderstanding which could lead to serious consequences and put your job on the line.

If you have enjoyed this blog, you can find more advice on career success here. If you’re hoping to improve your career development and prospects, we hope this blog has come in useful. If you’re thinking about changing careers and need your CV and cover letter re-written to suit your new venture – we can help! Please feel free to get in contact with us today.

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