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Top 10 IT Skills for 2020

2020 is fast approaching and looking at which IT skills are sought-after by employers is extremely beneficial. With the rapid developments and necessity of IT in our modern world today, having key skills in this field will help make you more employable.

So, looking ahead, what are the top 10 IT skills for 2020? Let's answer it here for you.

1. Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are how IT is evolving. Learning this key skill will help you get ahead of the crowd as AI is now being introduced into many industries. Pepper is a great example of a humanoid robot. Imagine being able to build something like that!

2. Date Science

No doubt, employers understand the important of data science and the quality of their own data. That’s where having this skills will come in handy.

3. Cyber Security

It’s vital that with technology expanding and evolving, we know how to protect our data. With recent news on high-profile hacking, the emphasis is now heavily on cyber security and the measures to preserve data.

4. Developers

Developing software and websites is an excellent skill to possess. Every IT interface requires software development, and websites are pivotal to showcasing information on a global scale. Employers love this skill.

5. Mobile developers

A subsidiary of being a developer comes the mobile developer. As mobile activity increases and smartphones are being utilised so frequently, building apps for this device is important.

6. UX/UI

User Experience and User Interface makes software interfaces without interruptions. This makes the experience of interacting with the interface by the user more satisfactory.

7. Cloud Computing

Cloud Services such as AWS and Azure are great skills to have. Also, cloud projects are moving forward and progressing in today's technological world. Having this skill up your sleeve will wow potential employers.

8. Project Management

With the number of IT projects increasing within organisations, possessing project management skills are crucial to executing them effectively.

9. Blockchain

Blockchain technology underpins digital currency such as: Bitcoin, Litecoin, and so on. Having this skill will push you ahead as companies are on the lookout for tech savvy professionals who know how to maintain this technology effectively.

10. Data Engineering and Analytics

In order to analyse data, it first needs to be engineered. Both areas are growing within the IT sector, helping them make it into the top 10 list of IT skills.

Get ahead

Be sure to build your IT skills as the next year is quickly approaching us. The world of technology is continuously evolving and adapting to suit our behaviours and patterns and something new is always developing. So, make sure you aren't left alone floating in cyberspace whilst everyone else gets ahead in 2020.

IT Skills

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