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Top skills of a carer

Being a carer takes enthusiasm, dedication, and compassion. It's a rewarding profession, helping others who really need someone to support them and be there at their time of need. If you're thinking of making a career move or heading in this direction then having these five top skills will help when it comes to becoming a carer.

1. Supporting Others

Something that doesn't come naturally to most people is putting others' needs above their own. Is this something that you do? Do you feel fulfilled when helping others and strive to do this as a way of life?

Being naturally compassionate towards others is the goal and having this attribute will tie in well when being a carer. You will need to be sensitive and understanding as you will be dealing with people at their most vulnerable. For example, they may need help going to the bathroom, being bathed or getting dressed. Also being empathetic is important too.

2. Around-the-clock dedication

Some jobs might fall into the normal working hours bracket but being a carer might mean that you will need to dedicate your time to a flexible schedule. Your hours may change and depending on your client's needs, you might be required to assist them more frequently. You will need to work out whether this will suit your lifestyle and is something that you can handle.

3. Communication skills

Having great communication skills is a must-have when it comes to being a carer. You will be communicating with your client, listening to them and being attentive in what they are conveying to you. If you have a client experiencing dementia, you will need to alter the way you communicate with them and get the right training to support them.

4. Reliable

Carers are very valued professionals and if you are one, you will be one of the most significant people in your client's life. Therefore, being reliable is essential so that you bring stability and security into their life. Ensuring that they eat, drink, take their medication and attend their appointments are some of the areas that you will need to cover. Keeping a watchful eye on these areas is all a part of the job.

5. Be watchful

Being a good carer means that you'll be constantly observing your client and their overall well being. You will need to keep an eye out for any changes in their physical or mental well being and if you spot any deterioration, you'll be able to take swift, appropriate action. The quicker you are, the better the result will be.

6. Appropriate qualifications

Being a carer means you will have a lot of responsibility which means that training would come into play. You will need to be appropriately qualified to become a carer so courses such as first aid and other relevant qualifications will need to be completed. This will boost your credibility as a candidate and give your client peace of mind that you will know what do to in the event of a medical emergency.

Carers are important professionals in the community and continue to be reliable and empathetic individuals who are ready to work around-the-clock for their clients. Becoming one will be a very rewarding and life-changing experience.

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