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Top skills of a salesperson

Ever wondered what it takes to be the best salesperson? If you’re interested in moving in this direction for a job role, you'll probably know that being a salesperson is a bit more than just having the gift of the gab.

You’ll need to know a lot about what it is you’re selling, why and who you’re selling to. So, what are the top skills that a salesperson requires?

Let's dive in to find out what they are...

1. Communication

Yes, communication ranks in at number 1 in our list of skills. No doubt, you will have to have excellent communication skills to engage with your buyer. Clear and concise information is required (no mumbling here!).

Making good eye contact, engaging your buyer in good conversation and having a positive outlook are all great ways of developing your skills further.

Your communication skills will also cover areas such written and presentation skills too as these areas will probably surface whilst carrying out this role.

2. Listening

It's no surprise that you'll need to be a good listener too! Sometimes the communication between seller and buyer is prompted with plenty of interruptions whether that’s accidental or intentional. Therefore, you’ll have to ensure you allow your buyer to finish what they are saying before you respond. There could be key information you might miss or you could end up rubbing your buyer the wrong way.

3. Negotiation

Undoubtedly, selling involves money so it's vital to have good negotiating skills up your sleeve. For instance, if your buyer tries to haggle prices down, you'll know how to counteract that with a fair response whilst protecting the value of the sale.

4. Passion

Success usually comes from having a passion and drive in your area of interest. If you’re passionate about selling, they hey, you’re on the road to starting your sales journey of success already.

Buyers can sense your positive vibes, energy, attitude and motivation to sell the product and how much you’re actually interested in doing that!

5. Product knowledge

Being a great salesperson means knowing exactly what you’re selling and why. You'll need to remember all the finer details about the product's description so you can effectively pass this information on to your buyer. In addition, this skill is a requirement of being in sales. You can’t sell a product you have no idea about it!

6. Demo skills

For many B2B products, the demo is vital to assisting the sales process. Being a salesperson, you may have to walk through it with your buyers. Therefore, understanding the product inside out, its capabilities and how it can solve your buyer's pain are all key areas to cover.

7. Closing technique

The way in which the deal is closed is down to having the essential closing skill technique. A good salesperson will be able to push the buyer to sign for product, using a compelling event. Pressure and valued offered by the product are two techniques that will help to speed up the purchasing process.

Overall, there are many skills to being a salesperson but with passion, drive and attitude, you can gain these in under no time.

Top skills of a sales person

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