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Top Tips to Get Yourself Ahead at Work

Did you know that throughout your career history, on average you would've spent 90 thousand hours at work?! That's an astronomical amount for sure! It's so important to be happy and content at work because so much of your time is spent there.

We cover some handy, impactful ways to get you ahead in the workplace so that your career progresses and you are happy. Let's have a look at what they are:

1. Letting go of some tasks

Sometimes the going can get tough and we may be tempted to bite off more than we can chew. Don't take on more work than you know you can handle. The best thing to do is, keep it simple, get those all-important tasks sorted and then move on to the stage with ease and balance.

2. It's time to get productive!

Being a productive asset to your company is a major bonus in the workplace. Time is money and if you are not only able to complete tasks on time but to a high standard too, your employers will value your presence!

3. Be present at networking and industry events

Don't miss out on opportunities that will open doors for you. Commit to learning and growing in your specialty by attending networking and industry events. Get familiar with your market and competitors. Welcome new faces and interactions. You never know who you'll meet along the way...

4. Keep your CV up-to-date

Even if you aren't actively looking for work that doesn't mean your CV is cast aside to grow cobwebs over it. It is much easier to keep it up-to-date if you have a look at it once a year.

5. Review your personal profile

Prospective employers will get a brief but concise review of what you have to offer as an employee. It should evolve as you progress forward in your career. Ensure that you review this and if need be, rewrite it so that it suits you better.

6. Consistency is key

If you are on the look for employment, employers may be roaming cyberspace to know who you are better through any social media accounts you may hold. So if you're CV says one thing and your LinkedIn account says another, chances are that your audience may decide to place you in the reject pile before even considering you. Make sure your accounts are clear of unprofessional photos and posts and are in harmony with your CV.

Final thoughts

As mentioned above, there are a number of ways you can get ahead at work. Even if you are not seeking a new role, a few tips focus on keeping an updated CV with a smashing and relevant personal profile alongside a professional LinkedIn account besides the many other social media platform out there.

If you need CV help, get in touch with our team today!

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