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6 Ways to keep calm before a job interview

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Whether you’re a seasoned manager or a new graduate, interviews are known to be one of the most stressful aspects of the job hunt. “What are they going to ask me?”, “how many people will be in the room?”, “what if I say the wrong thing?”. These are questions we all ask ourselves before an interview.

This is all too common. So how can we relax ourselves before an interview?

At Sendmeyourcv we provide a bespoke and professional CV services and offer advice to help you as an individual improve your interview techniques. For more information just get in touch.... but for now try out one of these 6 techniques... 1. Research and Prepare. Then Re-Prepare. Spend some time reading the employer’s website and social media platforms. Read and understand what their position is in the market or industry and think about how your skills and beliefs align with it. Re-read the job listing to ensure your familiar with what the role entails. The position description is a great guide to how they’ll rate you in the interview. Remember… knowledge is power and with a little bit of prep you’ll be in a better frame of mind come interview day. 2. Practice! Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes and try to rehearse you answers for the interview. Your questions can range from cultural fit to providing examples of overcoming challenges in previous roles. Come up with a list of potential common questions you’ll be asked about your experience and try to answer those questions using your own experience. Your interviewer will review your resume for any potential areas worth discussing. Rehearse your responses before interview day so that you are better prepared for what questions come your way. 3. Think of the interview as a conversation between colleagues Think of the interview as a conversation, a way for the potential employer to get to know you, as well as for you to get to know them. This is likely about judging your character through the way you carry yourself and how you answer some technical questions. After all, you have a solid background with this type of work or you wouldn’t have been brought in. Get in that room, give a firm handshake and feel proud. Walk in with a smile as if you’re about to chat with a friend over coffee to talk about the things you love and enjoy about your job. Come first from a place of interest and passion and not about ticking off the job requirements. 4. Know your strengths If you’ve been invited to interview, it means you have the strong qualities as a candidate for the position. Spend some time making a list of your positive professional skills and compare them to the job listing for the role. What makes you stand out from the crowd? If you have a mentor or a former trusted colleague, ask them for feedback on what they felt your strengths were. Having someone else recognise your amazing self can help calm your nerves and lift your confidence when it’s time to interview. 5. Try some relaxation techniques It’s amazing what a little meditating/yoga can do to help you collect your thoughts and calm your nerves. If you are not familiar with the art of mediating, there are lots of website that can help you. Spend 10 minutes as soon as you wake up the morning of your interview with no electronics and meditate. 6. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself If for any reason the job is not handed to you, don’t beat yourself up. There are always lot’s more opportunities out there and try to remember that failing to land this gig can lead to other bigger and better chances in the future. Think of your interview as practice and go in to your next interview with the mentality that you’re a pro in this field and can answer any question!

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