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What To Expect at Job Fairs

Job fairs are a great way of helping jobseekers speak face-to-face and connect with potential employers under one roof. They can help open doors by kick-starting careers, advancing pathways or even changing directions for applicants. Whatever your goal is, it is very beneficial to attend a job fair.

Here are some helpful tips to prepare you for an upcoming event.

Preparation is key

An obvious one but how many of us go into something thinking we will be alright, go with the flow and see how things pan out? Quite a few of us, probably. A job fair is something you definitely want to prepare for so preparation is most certainly the key to success.

  • Have a look online at what will unfold on the day Keep your eyes peeled for the event’s opening and closing times. (Remember, being an early bird will hopefully give you a good chance to chat with recruiters at a less busy period).

  • Get in touch with the event’s organiser If you have any further questions, the organisers leading the event will be happy to help and offer more information and advice.

  • Know which companies will be present This will give you a heads up and the opportunity to do some background research on which companies you are most interested to approach.

  • Bring your mobile phone Having your trusty device, (fully charged, mind you) will help you make any swift online applications on the spot, should you need to. You can also use your phone to take down notes, save numbers and conduct quick company research.

Get your CV ready

There's no doubt that recruiters will want a copy of your CV on the day. So, be sure to have plenty of copies and any examples of relevant work you would like to show your targeted industry.

If your CV needs improvement or a new lease of life, Send Me Your CV are here to help. Our professional CV writers can re-write your CV which highlights your key skills and achievements, creating a professional and engaging document of your past career success. We also offer a fast-track (next day) service so that you receive your new CV in time for your upcoming event.

Dress to impress

First impressions always count. We hear that good old saying time and time again but it's true.

Dress professionally because you want to show potential employers that you mean business. This is your chance to get noticed and stand out from the crowd. Your attire will speak volumes before you have uttered a word. So, ditch the trainers and comfy bottoms (leave them on standby for when you get home) and grab your smart attire that will help you stand out as well as ooze with confidence on the day.

Keeping the nerves at bay

Job fairs can be daunting but don't let those thoughts get the better of you. Take a deep breath, ensure you have everything you need for the day and go in with a smile. Going in by yourself might be a good idea so that when you approach a recruiter, their attention will only be on you.

Social media networking

Maximise your professional social networking hub by following the companies you are really interested in. Use your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter platforms to keep up-to-date with vacancies and increase your chances in snapping up the job you are after. You will need to ensure your social media accounts have a deep cleanse beforehand however. No employer will like to see drunk Friday night photos when trying to hire you.

If you require a LinkedIn profile review then we have a dedicated service for this which highlights every section in your profile and indicates what needs work and what you have done well. Contact us today if you are interested in this service.

Enjoy your day!

Make the most of the day and enjoy yourself. You will be gaining a lot of useful information on the day and probably a lot of potential leads.

Extra handy tips

  • Have appropriate questions ready for recruiters to make yourself a memorable candidate: What makes your company different to those in the same industry? What is the best part of working for your company? What attracted you to work with your company?

  • Follow up any companies that you were able to converse with. Send them an email a few days after the event thanking them for their time. You never know what could come about after that.

  • Have a short introduction speech up your sleeve for when you introduce yourself. Remember you want to highlight your profession, what role you are looking for and your top skills. You may also want to highlight why you’re looking for work. Are you looking to climb the career ladder? Have you sadly become redundant and therefore you’re ready to start work immediately?

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