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Why a resignation letter is important when quitting your job

You’ve made your decision that it's time to move on (hopefully up) and finally wave goodbye to your current position. So, is handing a resignation letter important when quitting your job? In a nutshell, yes.

Here at Send Me Your CV, we explain why this is so and how we can write you the perfect resignation letter resonating only but professionalism and positivity.

Why do you need a resignation letter?

It is important to provide a resignation letter as it may be part of your employee contract. Also, it will come in handy when referring back to dates: when you handed it in as your formal notice and your leaving date.

When you arrange a meeting to discuss your decision, be sure to bear in mind the following:

Tell your employer first

It’s important to first inform your direct line manager about your decision to leave. They won't appreciate hearing it through the grapevine.

Be polite, professional and graceful about your next step when speaking to them. You don’t want to cause a stir and feelings of animosity, especially in your run up to bidding farewell.

Thank them

Show your employer that you are grateful for the opportunity, the skills and experience they have helped you attain, even if you feel otherwise. You never know when your paths may cross in the future not to mention the all-important references you may require from them.

Don’t mention your future employer

Your employer doesn’t want to hear about the pay rise you will be receiving or how the future workplace fairs in comparison to the current one. Don’t brag, boast or rock the boat when you are making your way to the exit door.

Leave on good terms with everyone

It’s best to leave your workplace behind on a high note rather than a low. Show your professional wisdom by being positive and upbeat with all your colleagues and managers. Be sure to thank them all; you may meet again some day!

Finalise any outstanding work

Chances are that you might be in the middle of a project or deadline to meet. Inform your employer that you are aware of the outstanding work and how you will bring it to its completion to make your departure even more smoother. Will you stay on till the project has been finished up successfully or will you help shadow the next employee who will fill your boots? You don’t want your manager to think that you are packing up and setting sail without a care in the world. Therefore, ensure to highlight this important point with them.

Our team can help

If you are having trouble writing up your resignation letter or simply don't have the time, that’s where our professional team can step in to help you. Our fast turnaround with a strong team of writing experts will help craft your resignation letter in the most professional manner. Our testimonials speak for themselves and we promise that you will achieve positive results.

Contact our friendly team today for more information and advice.

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