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Why an internship is a good idea to consider

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

After leaving college, university or even having a change of heart, one way of venturing into a new industry would be to undertake an internship.

Internships are a great idea to consider. Dipping your toe's into a prospective field would be a good way to gaining first-hand insight into a new role.

Gaining experience through practical work will help you understand what the role will entail, giving you knowledge, skills and experience whilst building your connections too.

Which internship is right for me?

There are lots of opportunities out there for you to kick-start your journey in the world of work; internships give you this opportunity. It can be somewhat confusing which direction to head in especially when you’re unsure what it is exactly that you'd like to do.

So, to start off with, ask yourself what you want to do? What your skills set is? What you are studying at the moment and how this could influence your career path? Maybe you don’t have any past work experience but would like the opportunity to gain some and test the waters.

There's lots to think about! Get a pen handy, smartphone or laptop, and start jotting down the answers to the questions above. See where it takes you...

Don’t see the opportunity negatively

It could be that you are in the middle of an internship and you recognise that it just doesn't suit you, your personality, goals and career path. Hey, that’s okay! Not everything will tickle your fancy but the main thing to take away from the experience is positivity.

Every opportunity that comes your way will give you more experience even if it isn’t in the way that you had hoped for. You will continually be learning new things along the way so the main thing, is to take the best from the internship leaving any negativity aside.


Internships are paid and unpaid opportunities. Certainly, if you are seeking a salary, it might not quite cut it but could help create future opportunities for you. You might be offered something more concrete after the internship is completed so remember to stay focused and enthusiastic.

It could open doors for you

Conducting an internship may help widen your horizons and open doors for you. Employers are impressed with a CV that displays an internship. It demonstrates your eagerness and dedication to a program that is built to enhance your skills and experience.

Internships aren't burdening

Should you find an unpaid internship, you won’t feel like you’re giving away your time for free because they are quite often part-time. This means that you’re able to fit other commitments, such as studying or working elsewhere, around them.

Final thoughts

Internships are a good idea to consider, when you need to build on your skills, knowledge and experience. They are valued by employers and prove to enable candidates to decipher whether they want to choose that particular career path.

So, what are you waiting for? Get searching for an internship today!

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