Why October is The Best Month to Apply For a Job

In the run up to Christmas, you might be mistaken in thinking that the job market will grind to a halt and pick up again in the new year. However, do you know that October is THE best month to start looking for a job? And you never know, this could even lead to a permanent position!

Employers are always in need of staff and October is a hot month, (in contrast to the cold chill outside) for job seekers to hunt for employment.

According to a recent survey that was commissioned by LinkedIn, it found that the month of October had the highest number of job openings on its website. Interestingly, 89% of hiring managers filled those positions in less than a month.

October doesn’t have to be scary…

October may be the month of spooky events and dark nights, but don’t let this stop your chances of getting in early. Don’t hold yourself back thinking, “there's no way someone is going to employ me just before Christmas!”

Companies are constantly seeking out new employees no matter what time of the year it is. And yes, one would usually think that with holidays looming around the corner, no one will have the time of day to arrange an interview. Ah, but you’d be surprised!

This is your chance to be first in line and ahead of the crowd.

Benefits of applying in October

You want to fast track to the front of the queue so being one step ahead of all the other job seekers out there should be your priority. The benefits of applying in October are as follows:

  1. The hiring process tends to be faster

After the long summer holiday, employers will be back in the swing of making things happen. One being: looking for employees ahead of the festive period.

The whole hiring process tends to be faster as companies want to fill in positions quickly before Christmas.

  1. Avoid the January to March slowdown

It is good to bear in mind that applying in October will avoid the hiring slowdown experienced from January through to the end of March, due to the new financial year starting in April. Employers usually become quite busy during this period and the chances of new positions surfacing can diminish.

  1. An early pay rise

Applying in October can potentially be another positive as the end of your 6 month probationary period will coincide with the new financial year. This could mean an early rise! So start applying now!

  1. Companies may open unique, specialised positions

October is a time when companies are likely to review their performance so far and begin budget planning for the next year. They will be focusing on making changes, improvements and looking at innovative ways of moving forward. This may open the door for unique and specialised skills to be sought after. Therefore, new positions may be on the horizon.

Why should they hire you?

What makes you the best candidate for the job? How can your skills and experience be applied to the position? How can you benefit the company?

Employers will be ready to hire you if you can demonstrate how you are able to help them and what you can bring to the organisation.

You will want to showcase strengths, abilities, experience or knowledge and apply that the new position you are after.

So, imagine you are looking at a customer service role, you will want to highlight something significant like how you were able to instil confidence in customers and