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Why Spring is the best time of the year to apply for a job

Spring is a great time to try to line up a ton of interviews and land a new job. Why? Read on to find out…

Professional Cv writing

As you get closer to summer, companies feel more pressure to finish the interview process and hire somebody. This is because they know people in the company will go on vacation in the summer and it’ll be harder to finish up the hiring process.

This won’t always happen but it’s a likely scenario that can work in your favour. Obviously each company is different and it’s entirely possible a hiring manager will say, “let’s finish this up as soon as I return from vacation.”

Another great reason is because April marks the start of a new financial year. This means budgets are renewed and staffing is looked into for future growth and success of the business.

This could also mean that you can get yourself a salary increase along with a new job, so if you are feeling underpaid and underappreciated then now is exactly the right time to renew your CV and get out there!

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