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Why you should attend a job fair in 2020

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Many of us will be contemplating what we would like to achieve in 2020. What changes do we want? Contemplating on our aims and goals, and where we would like to be at the end of next year.

Our career usually floats around the top of our to-do list. Whether it's changing jobs or moving up, there's always something happening in this area of our life.

Looking ahead, if you’re considering taking the plunge and leaving your current job behind, attending a job fair in 2020 might be the answer.

Benefits of attending a job fair

Talking face-to-face with employers on a mass scale all under one roof is the ideal opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with what is available to you.

Know the current vacancies

You will know which companies are recruiting and the positions they have available so you'll have first hand knowledge as opposed to scouring through recruitment websites.

Not only this but attending a job fair will give you the chance to network in person. We know how influential our social media profiles are and how they can help get us noticed. Likewise, a job fair does exactly the same thing if we utilise the opportunity in the same way.


Approaching and connecting with recruiters and fellow jobseekers will help build a sense of productivity towards the job hunting process. Being proactive and communicating with recruiters will be the first step of getting your foot in the door.

Where can you find more information?

Job fairs are like golden tickets to your world of employment so they are not to be missed. There are plenty held across the UK but with only a selected few dates per area.

Therefore, it is best to get a heads up and schedule them into your diary. Visit this job fair site which has a list of all the upcoming job fairs for 2020. This is your one-stop site to getting all the handy information you need: dates, locations and times, for the entire calendar year. Naturally there may be subject to change so regularly check in and see if everything is running to plan.

Don't forget your CV

Apart from bringing yourself along, you will need a few copies of your CV to hand over to potential recruiters on the day. Any companies that you’ve longed to join or a vacancy that has caught your eye? You'll need your CV on standby; up-to-date and well polished, ready for a job fairs event.

If you feel like you need a professional set of eyes to look over your marketing document, contact us here at Send Me Your CV and we will be happy to give your CV the lease of life it deserves.

We know how to tailor your CV effectively if you are a school leaver, recent graduate, filling in employment gaps, embarking on a new career or even a career change. We have the expertise to help you get noticed by employers in time for a job fair event you are thinking of attending. So feel free to contact us to have a chat about our competitive CV writing service today.

Head in the old, feet in the new. As the new year approaches, let’s welcome 2020 with career opportunities. Happy job hunting!

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