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View our list of professional career and writing services below...

If you're interested in any of our services, simply fill in the short form at the bottom of this page.

Resignation &
Cover Letters

Over 57% of employers state that a Cover Letter is an essential part of the application process. We will help you by writing your cover letter as a professional introduction to any employer.

A Resignation Letter is always an awkward one to write and it still needs to be professional and formal.

We have you covered with your letter of resignation.

£25.00 - £50.00

Over 70% of employers search their candidates on social media. We will review your LinkedIn profile alongside your CV for £25.00 and deliver a report based on how to improve your profile and get noticed for the right reasons. Alternatively, we can offer to write it for you for £50.00 if you prefer.

*Please note that due to the recent GDPR regulations we cannot make these changes for you as it requires your login details.

FROM £50.00
CV Writing

Our CV writing specialists will rewrite your CV from scratch and send it back to you with a new look and a cleaner feel and an aim to make it more engaging and stand out when placed in front of employers.

You get unlimited amends within 3 working days of receiving your draft CV to make sure it is perfect.


Our interview practice service offers you the chance to speak to one of our consultants to get the very best interview tips and techniques and help ace that interview and get the job you desire! Our dedicated team will phone or video call you to go through any queries you may have so that you feel confident in any interview you attend.

How Does It Work?

Select A Service

You get in touch using our 'contact us' form and select which service(s) you're looking for.

Next Steps

Once we have received your enquiry we will review your current CV and be in touch to send an invoice for the chosen service(s).

In Progress...

Once payment is received we book your service in within 3 working days and produce a draft service. You are then able to make unlimited comments within 3 days of receipt of this draft.


Your chosen service is refined and sent back in its final form which you can be confident and proud of! Now to put it in front of your potential employers and see the difference in replies...

Build Your Own Package!

Situated in Sproatley, Yorkshire, we provide a number of professional services including CV writing, cover letter writing, LinkedIn reviews and interview advice throughout the UK.   


Our team of former recruitment consultants have rewritten CVs for numerous roles, interviewed a wide range of candidates and offered plenty of advice to help their candidates get the job that they desired.

We offer a range of services depending on how much advice you are looking for, with a quick turnaround!

Our services are designed as a shopping list so that you can request as little or as much advice as you need and to suit any budget.

At SendmeyourCV, we don't want to be all about charging a fortune for writing a CV like other writing services do, we simply want to make sure you get that interview and job that we know you deserve.

Having the same goal in mind means that no matter which service you need, the end product will show the correct passion and detail you need in order to get to your career goal.

Why Use Send Me Your CV?

​There are literally thousands of professional CV writing companies out there, but what sets us apart? Let's find out...


We love what we do and we have a great team of professional writers who are ready to power up your CV and give it that edge that potential employers want to land on their desk.


No hefty price tags


The main thing that can be seen across the CV writing board is the extortionate price tag that other companies quote their customers. We certainly don't do that and offer a very affordable price which will benefit our customers.


At the end of the day, we understand that if you are looking for a new job or thinking about leaving your existing one, expenses will already be high so why add to the stress of the cost of living?


We really do care which is why we've mentioned this. We don't intend to put anyone off with a CV makeover costing almost £100 or more! Ours only costs from as little as £50! It is our flat-rate fee which promises to give you the best CV that will get you ahead of the crowd.


Cheap doesn't mean poor quality

We'd like to let you know that just because our prices are lower, this doesn't mean that we compromise on quality. No siree! We pride ourselves with offering lost costs AND delivering excellence.


Words are so important to us (as you know about the ATS bots scanning for those all-important keywords), we always bear this in mind for whichever industry you are currently in or looking to break into. Keywords are never missed and we make sure to include all the attributes your CV should possess: educational history, career story with relatable and current successes including any statistics which will help get those heads turning. Our aim is to make sure your CV is never missed and gets the attention it deserves.


Our prices are also broken down into individual service unlike our competitors, in order to offer additional services at your discretion and allowing you to build your own package. Therefore you don’t have to pay through the ceiling for a package which you may not require.


Quick turnaround

We know how important it is to have an awesome CV ready in time for an application you've seen or just so that you have it ready on the side. That's why Send Me Your CV ensures that your CV is completed within a short time frame. We even have a Fast Track service to allow you to jump the queues and get your CV within just 1 working day.


Once you receive your first draft, everyone gets the chance to make as many amendments as you like within 3 working days of receiving it at no extra cost! This is because we understand that a CV is a personal thing and we want to make sure you are happy with your CV.

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